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What is this illness?

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Guest shezza97

Day 1 of the Outbreak

I was on a distress call in the United Kingdom Army when the outbreak happened, I was being sent off to an undisclosed location to find out where the outbreak began. No one knew how it was spreading but somehow one of our men was infected, he began with a fever like look and not long after we had gave him some medicine he 'turned' and started attacking the squad, no one had time to do anything and before we knew it 4 out of the 6 of us were scratched, bitten or 'dead'. Me and my best friend Tom were the only two not to be infected, the pilots were slowly falling unconscious and before I knew blackness hit me...

Day... I don't know

I woke from the blackness not knowing how long I had been under for, I was washed up on the beach of an unknown coastline to my knowledge, wherever it was there wasn't many people around, it seemed barren. I sorted myself out with some must needs, I found a house nearby so I investigated it and found a couple of tinned food lying around, a plastic water bottle and a cooking pot, I was dehydrated and hungry. I took the cooking pot to the back of the house and began boiling the sea water hoping that it would do me some good. I polished up the tinned spaghetti and beans and swigged down the remaining water that I could bare to have. I needed to move, night time was fast approaching and I needed security from a larger town or city, I found a sign leading me north east towards a city I could not pronounce but whatever was there I needed.

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