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How do i know that my account is whitelisted?


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Ive been wondering how long it takes my account to be whitelisted and how long.

Do i actually get a message on my DayZ Rp account or my Gmail.

A streamer actually told me that i need to constantly try to login into the server to see if im whitelisted but i cant seem to log in at all.

She also said that most of the time, the message sent to you wouldnt be there.

I know the FAQ said that it will take some time but i didnt know itll take this long, ive sent my application about 1 week ago, it wasnt rejected and i didnt get any email or messages.

what happen when youre whitelisted, do they give you a special password?

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  • El Presidente

Well, if you've read the FAQ then you already know the answer:

Q: How will I know the result, where can I see my application status?

A: You can see your application status on the bottom of the whitelist page (where you applied). You WON'T be notified by a PM or email.

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  • Legend

As stated above you can check on your whitelist process here http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist with that being said if your pretty far back in the queue you can donate and your whitelist will be looked at faster.

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