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Whitelist application rejected

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Hello guys

I am new to this forum but I hope u guys will help me with this so I can join you ingame.

I really gave effort in my application but I got this message:

Your application has been rejected because of the following reason:

"NLR is missing full cool down timer details. KOS is missing revenge timer details as well as proper group/shared kos rights and hostage care details and also initial contact details"

After reading some thread on this forum I realised I need to add more examples for KoS and NLR if I got it correctly. So my question is what does mean this ''initial contact details'' ?

Maybe its a stupid question but thanks in forward.

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  • Emerald

Read the KOS rules section again, and look for the part that talks about first contact with a target. This is what is meant by initial contact details.

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  • Emerald

No problem :)

Any more questions regarding the whitelist before you re-submit it?

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