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TS as a game tool ?


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  • Emerald

I was wondering, example : I am with a cubble of people and we have to travel a long distance. Would it then be considered cheating if I in-game put a map on the ground, make the others look at it and then draw on a map, take a pictire of it, send it to those persons on the TS that i am with, would that be okay or not ?

If that is allowed to use TS as a tool like that, that could be really helpfull, specialy for larger groups.

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  • Titanium

I also dont see any problem with that. You can use it.


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  • Emerald

Alright, i thought it would be smart to use since easyer and i like to cummunicate with maps, but i just wanted to get it confirmed that i am allowed to that.

-Thanks you both :)

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