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Guest Cadan

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Guest Cadan

As we're going for a realistic aprouch with this server, I'd suggest that all snipers, have to have a spotter with them.

Spotters use binos or rfs.

Would stop people just running around with snipers. Would make more tactic approaches.

Just a idea. Views?

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Seconding Spectre's post.

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  • MVP

Also the fact that they only use spotters for military purposes.

Guerrilla and rebels do not use spotters. Militants certainly do not either.

As far as I know even military snipers move alone for certain ops.

There ya go, thanks Metaphor.

It's not realistic. It's not reasonable.

Many people prefer to use them. Many people prefer automatic weapons. Overall people just use the best at their disposal at that time.

Don't forget that if you are using a spotter while you have a zero'ing rifle then you are at an advantage to your opposition anyway.

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Guest Reniz

most solo snipers im geussing will often use a ACOG rifle or a PSO sniper actions as they have range indicators buildt in if you know how to use them

But as sumo siad a ranged finder and a rifle with a zeroing option does create an advantage plus with a spotter who has a automatic rifle is good protection for the sniper

So overall pros and cons

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