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How to be a religious fanatic.

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Well uuh, I never made a guide before; so let's do one i'm good at shall we;

BEING A RELIGIOUS FREAK! (No offense to religious freaks)

Step one

Find (or create one up) a religion your going practice in character and stick to it, set yourself some rules/guidelines so you aren't caught with your pants down when asked about your sight on something-

Ex. Such as your religions view on eating meat

Ex. Your religion is polytheistic

Ex. In your religion its a sin to wear bright pink

Step two

What are you planning on doing with your religion? Essentially you are creating a backstory, but for your religion. Is it just something for you to fall on, in this time of desperation and suffering? Is it all false and just a way to control others? Or does your character truly believe this god(s) influenced him/her. Why should others join your religion? Is there a reason it has become prominent with your character suddenly?

Ex. I'm going to start a jihad to capture Kameka as my god,X the 3rd, told me to.

Step three

Think of a few appropriate prayers/sermons you can say to others and ways to spread your religion to another person. Try thinking of some modern religions that don't have a sappy code of laws to live by or a thick book they read.

Ex. Tom Jagger 11:20 As with there is the Maker, there is also a evil opposite, along with the Maker blessing his prophets, this evil possesses pawns at his bidding.

Step four

Before going in game with your religion, ask yourself a few questions

  • Is your religion trolley?
  • Is it realistic?
  • Will this offend others?
  • Can I explain why this religion is created?
  • Did I think it out completely?

Step five

Go into the game to play with your religion and test the waters, as a fanatic or just a normal believer. Keep it nice and make sure you stay in line. Tread lightly with whatever you do; especially stuff like sacrifices or torture related because anything you think is fine, may not be.

Pros and Cons

Pros- Sometimes a meeting/being apart a religion is a very unique and fun experience. It is exciting to see the difference from some average campfire roleplay, when the campfire has a stake in it with people around it praying. People from across the map will come com merge with you so they can hear what you have to say about your god(s). You can shape someones character with what you do.

Cons-A poorly done group will definitely not be appreciated, so if your one of these, prepare for some reports and points. If your good enough to avoid receiving points, in game you will have gained a reputation in turn making it a hard time socializing normally or getting some peace and quiet as people far and wide want to meet you...or kill you. A constant wave of hate will come in turn with your progress. The in-character population isn't known for its religious tolerance i'll say!

Its not a long guide, because it doesn't has to be. Have fun o7

~Your local Priest, Tom

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You mean a cult. Religious freak probubly would offend someone if they didn't rad the thread.

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a cult would be more appropriate because if it is not done properly it will be really offensive. but that being said you can make a cult based on a religion if you really want to role play as religion (X) without offending anyone

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I used to play this game called Sub Rosa, I played the 0.07 Demo then it was released and I had no money to buy it. IN the game the objective is to get the floppy disk which is usually transported via Briefcase In that game the Mangum can only be looted from NPC's in a acquisition game mode in which all players fight against 2 limos with 4 people, 1 driver 3 gunners, each in the limos. Well me and my friend received divine word about the Holy Order of Mangum. I became Speaker of MAGNUM, and he became Child of MAGNUM. By order of MAGNUM himself we were not allowed to touch the briefcase, MAGNUM deemed it the Unholy Filth, which held our objective, either the floppy disk or 1-4 stacks of cash. You can only store one thing per inventory slot, you only had 5 inventory slot. Briefcases were almost vital. We were not allowed to use them. Before every trade with another team we would begin by praising his holy self, MAGNUM, if we had a holy artifact (a MAGNUM, not to be confused with MAGNUM who is the god) we would start the trade by bowing down to it. If someone spoke ill of MAGNUM we would slay them for being a heretic. There was one man who was one of the 100 or so people who played the game. He became known to The Holy Order of MAGNUM as the "Fallen Bullet." He was the worst of everyone in the eyes of MAGNUM, if anyone worked with them they were branded heretics and we had to slay them. The limos were known as the Vessel of MAGNUM. The Holy Order of MAGNUM's vehicle of choice was the red van, it was called the Chariot of MAGNUM. Whenever MAGNUM spoke it was through the Speaker of MAGNUM, it was shown that MAGNUM was speaking by Speaker of MAGNUM using all cap's when he was speaking. That is about all I can remember at this point.

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Oh dear some folk be more worried about the Cult Clan than the bandit clans now ha 4hrs of ear bashing me id commit suicide when got out of them cuffs

But thats a good Idea there PwnCaiks101 I like to see how this unfolds you could do a pilgrimage from town to town spread the word kill the week eat the strong haha

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