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banned for no reason.

Guest RedSkull833

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Guest RedSkull833

Standalone IGN: Michael verly

Reason of ban: RDM, Bad RP

My appeal: i hounsly feel as though ive been wrongfully done.

I spawned in kammyshovo and looted around, as i walked out a player named liam harris was outside the police station i announce my self and said hello. He didnet reply. I then ask for food and directions. He didnet reply. He circled me and started at me. At this time i felt really uncomfortable. So i then told him to drop his gear so i can make sure he didnet have anything to harm me. I said i wanted to see all his gear, i told him to drop it. He didnet comply and walked back. I then attacked and knocked him out. I then took his weapon and tried to talk to him. He woke in like 5 seconds and started approaching me i didnet want to kill him. Im not a killer i wanted to talk to him and work it out but all he did was follow me. He followed me to electro. I stopped him and asked him why was he following me and what was his intentions. He then logged and i left. I didnet harm him in anyway after he logged. I dont belive ive done anything wrong. If i did can someone please explain to me what i did that made me deserve a ban.

Thank you.

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You need to have a look at this Report discussion http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s2-badrp-abuse-of-game-mechanics-kamyshovo and keep an eye on it in case it will get moved Formal.

With this your Temp. ban will be removed.

I also suggest you you read the important sticky-threads of the following sections:





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