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Guest Morioth

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Guest Morioth

Morioth here speaking...

Who am I IRL?

I'm a 42 years old dad of 3 kids, (two doughters and a son) living in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Me and the kids mom, Jessica are not married, but been living together for +10 years.

Short about me!

Obvious I like to play video/computer games, listen and play music (played guitar since I was 15, started out with base at age of 12), I like movies and and a nice whiseky beer to go with all above mentioned.

I'm a proud member of MRA (Most Reliable Alcoholics), wich is a gang of computer gamers who pretty much play all gangre of computer games, and who like to have a beer or two now and then!

If you wanna now more, don't hesitate to ask!

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