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This wait though

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Dude I feel it, I've been at 1 for the past 2 hours lol.

so you are my usurper for the number one spot. interesting.

Jk. I was number one since 4 a.m. yesterday (US East Coast) and I am still waiting lol. I guess the admins just don't feel like looking through the apps right now.

Which is completely understandable.

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  • Sapphire

how long was y'alls wait? I'm really eager to play, and this wait is killing me.

a little while ago the wait was a few days. Be patient and keep reading the rules/lore so you're ready when you hit the big leagues.

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While you are waiting, read up on some posts in the report discussion section to get a handle on some contentious issues that can get you into a little bit of trouble, like not RP'ing properly, or what to do when initiated on/or/initiating on someone. Also, don't be afraid to post if you wish to ask questions about the incident, but you will be required to remain on topic in a very serious way, and don't post after it has gone formal if you weren't involved in the incident.

Mostly check out the NVFL(no value for life), badRP, NLR posts because they seem to trip people up the most by what I have read...Of course read up on some KoS posts too, but the other ones are more important for clearly delineating the grey areas.

Good luck everyone, hope to see you in game...from a perspective where you can't see me...I like keeping my options open :)

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  • Sapphire

how long was y'alls wait?

about 2 hours to find out i failed plus a 24 hour cooldown before i could apply again then an hour after it was accepted.

so yeah 27 hours

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