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Guest Niko_Kolelivian

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Guest Niko_Kolelivian

So, I've been on DayzRp for almost a month and I was just wondering if you're allowed to Rob a person of everything and replace it for your own but take some of the stuff with you in your bag/vest. Because a Green M. one day this happened to me, They also Meta-gamed and what I assumed from gun shots outside and a cut off voice killed a person randomly, I don't have the names the other fellow who "Woke up" in Green M. was let go but got the names after they meta-gamed his name I don't have the names of the people the other person did but I died soon after from them. Anyway I was just wondering if your allowed to Rob people of their gear and weapons to replace them with your own. Just a quick newbie question and if this needs to be turned into a Report for what I mentioned I'll try to track the guy who had the names down.

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  • Sapphire

The meta gaming part was the only thing that was bad. He is allowed to rob you and yes he can replace your stuff with his.

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  • Emerald

OP if you witness a rule being broken you have every right to report it. As far as the other part of your question, as long as the robber leave you in good condition and you have a chance to survive it would be legit. But if they took everything you had it may be seen as badrp, and no care for hostage....hoping this answered you question and if you have any more don't be afraid to hop into teamspeak and speak with staff:)


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