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I just got blacklisted ? Help!

Guest tonitopo3

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Guest tonitopo3

Hello I just because I am 13 year old is it forever or not I know I read I need to be 16 but I don't like to lie .

And can I have a chance I got most of the stuff copied but I think I don't have the character back story . This is what I write : My steam id64 76561198142226580 the guid think I don't have the rulephase passowrd I think I found it but I don't wanna share it ok next stuff i write are :

When I read the rules I found NLR mean "New Live Rule".

NLR is when you got killed doesn't matter how you die you lost your memory about how kill you were it happen and stuff like this but you remember your friends , family , enemy and groups. In NLR if you die you cant go back to your body and get your stuff back you need to wait 90 min to go back to the place were you die. If the server restart it doesn't effect the timer.

In the rules I found KoS is when you kill player. I don't think I will get 500 character but I will try. Ok KoS is when you kill another player but in DayzRP KoS have rules too and if you want to kill someone you need to follow the laws. You cant be in more then 500 meters and involved group

I dont copy about my self paragraph thanks for reading this. :l i really like this server and i enjoy wathinkg videos for it line siloz kiwion the makers group and more stuff i know so much stuff abaout the server please to have a chance :(

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