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how does rp work?


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  • Sapphire

Both. That's how it is. Think of a movie actor, they play a role and act it out. Same idea is applied here.

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  • Sapphire
Click Here There you go.
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  • Emerald

So! i'm kinda new to RP how does it work? Do you just act or play a role?

RP stands for roleplay, its basically being an actor. You create your character and its background and you apply it to the game. Be your character, live the life of your character and act like you imagine your character would act. It is a great and amazing way to play DayZ and it is very enjoyable...

Also when you create your character make sure his/her background does not conflict with the lore of the server which you can find here:


If you need any help just hop into teamspeak and consult any of the staff member:)

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  • Titanium

You roleplay a survivor of zombie apocalypse. If you want you can roleplay yourself. Look around on forums, read other people stories to get some picture how to develope your character.


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