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Charity Event Live Stream


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  • Sapphire

Hello all, My friends and I are doing a charity Live Stream for Nationwide Children's Hospital. I have been volunteering at Childrens hospitals when i can and I want to make sure that these kids have the best treatment that they can get. All donations will go to them and we are sharing this info with you guys because we need as many donations as possible so we can give kids with cancer and other deathly diseases.

Date set: TBA

Might be a 24 hour livestream.

More info coming soon.

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  • Emerald


Our Group MMS actually did some good for once xD

true dat

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  • Sapphire


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  • MVP

Siorre.....a charity event? GL!!


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  • MVP

Been wondering where you've been, bud.

I support this entirely.

You rock for bringing this up, Siorre. <3

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  • Sapphire

Setting up everything. We will probably do it next week.

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