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Guest RedSkull833

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Guest RedSkull833

I got a temp ban. I dont belive what i did was wrong. I held 2 people up with my friend one ran and i told the other not to move or turn around. He moved and tured around as his friend was coming back for me and i fired and shot him and his friend. I was just scared and i panicked. Ive looked though the rules and theres nothing against this. Can some one please explain to my why i am banned?

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They probably want you to post your point of view in a report discussion. Check your PMs an admin might have send you one :)


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You were called into this report by Owen.

You should've received a PM from him regarding an issue however they may've been a glitch in the matrix.

If you please go to that report and post your Point of View, your tempban will be removed.



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