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Now that my application is accepted, where to begin?

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/moving to Introductions and Farewells

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Guest Vittoria

Yws, you can jump right in and start playing.

Or, you could take a look at the Guide and Tutorials section to make sure your extra ready when you hope ingame.

- Just a suggestion :)

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  • Sapphire

As Vittoria said you can hop right into it.

However, I suggest you post somewhere in the forums apart from the Off-topic and Introductions & Farewell section.

If you don't post at least once outside of said sections your sccount will be deleted for inactivity, which would mean you need to reapply.

After that go in-game and find some peeps to befriend and such. :)

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Just log in and start roleplaying?

I would recommend you read up on a lot of posts here in order to not accidentally do something you shouldn't that could get you banned or in trouble...Focusing more on the 'BadRP' posts, 'NRL' posts, and 'NVFL'(no value for life) posts. Though reading some of the KoS posts can get you acquainted with GM(Green Mountain) more! :D

It is okay to ask questions and give some feedback in those reports as they are still in 'discussion', but keep them very serious, and don't post anything after it has gone formal unless you were involved.

Have fun, and definitely read up on some guides if you feel you need a little polish on some of your RP'ing skills.

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  • MVP

Grats on being accepted!

I would suggest reading around a little then hopping in game and trying to get used to it :)

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