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Your Thoughts on H1Z1

Guest Senna1337

What do you think of H1Z1  

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Guest Senna1337

Hey Guys, just wanted to know what you think of H1Z1, i personally think its the next WarZ because it currently is buggy as Hell and it has Pay2Win plastered all over it.

Character Animations as Example Running looks like they got a huge Stick up their Butt etc. overall it isnt as shit as WarZ but not as good as DayZ

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I really like the idea of stable servers and stuff! From what i saw in gameplay videos i think the kos issue is gonna be worse than in dayz. And i personally dont like that.. I mean, its not supposed to be battlefield!

I dont know what you think, but 20 bucks for an alpha which will be free to play is ridiculous in my opinion.. and thinking of the fact that its gonna be pay2win im not even bothering trying it out for now..

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Guest Senna1337

and thinking of the fact that its gonna be pay2win im not even bothering trying it out for now..

As long as all the People who pay for the Air Drops get it stolen from them i am gonna be sitting in my Chair Laughing hysterically

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Way too many issues with this game to list... since I seriously don't care about this game after seeing so many videos, studied more what it's about, the features, the map and all. Then count in the main fact that it's a small form of pay2win and will simply get more pay2win things added over time I am sure, I will stay away, far far away.

I saw a comment once on steam somewhere. The guy said that really got to me:

"The people that are trying to praise this game are praising it because they need to justify the purchase of such a crappy game that will end up being free to play, that's why they defend it so much, so they don't feel like they wasted their money and time."

There's also the issue F2P. It's common that F2P games almost all fail horribly (Seems like 95% of times) with a few exceptions of course. F2P means even more hackers. Hey they don't need to pay for a new game key so why not right? What do they have to lose?

The game is new so hacks are not there yet, people trying to compare DayZ to that game due to hackers is pretty funny simply because Hacks will come to it, no doubt and it will be riddled with them cause F2P...

Not gonna lie, I will personally give it a shot when it's free, but not gonna pay for a downgrade and then everyone gets the good version free. But I will try it... right now I've seen enough to know it's not gonna "Survive"!

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  • Sapphire

Alpha - Too early to tell

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  • Titanium

There's already a thread on H1Z1. Let's keep discussions in one thread.

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