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Hi y'aaaall!

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Hello survivors, bandits, zeds,

I've been playing with you guys a few days now and it's the best DayZ experience I've experienced so far. Really love the RP-ing and it's just.. great! So, I'm 23 years young, studying forensic science in Amsterdam(ned). So ask me anything about forensics or DNA related stuff if you have questions :)

What else.. My RPC is called Daenerys, but just call her Dany if you are friends with her. I will be writing a diary/story about her, always thought I had writing skills so why not put them to the test now? Been through a few experiences already that are definetely worthy of sharing.

My RPC is definetely no bandit, I will never kill someone, but maybe rob him if I am starving and he wont help me. Have to survive, you get the point. She's just a shy naieve girl, however.. She did became a lot less naieve. Also, don't ever try to sexually harass her. Some did that, some got away alive.

Thanks for reading, see you guys ingame!

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Hello Dany, welcome to DayZRP !

I'm sorry about the other day when we left you alone in the woods... I hope you are not too mad after us :P

Anyway, T.O.R is always there to help if you need anything. See you out there.

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hey! Welcome to the server (I know, I'm late..)!

You scared me at the airfield, hehe... "friendly.. ahem..?"

Sorry for letting you be behind! With all the lags, we thought you weren't coming back.. I'll help you out someday, I swear!

If you want to look for a clan, check this forum section!

Hope to see you again in-game! It was really fun playing with you!

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Thanks for the welcome! It was fun with you T.O.R. guys, ofcourse I understand :) I will be hanging out at the TP a lot, so yeah.. see you around, it's a small world out there!

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