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The story of Phil Krueger


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Chapter I

-I'm here!-


The door to the barn was left opened and inside there was no one left only his rocking chair...


It seems like he was moving...Something was calling for him...for his help.He was sitting alone on a rusty ship...just looking at the old flashing bulb above is head...He was laughing at something...only he knew.As he was starting into the abyss a big crashing sound came out of nowhere...


He left the shipwreck with his old shotgun in his hand...laughing...He moves slowly through the dirt to this city in front of him by the name of Berezino.He meets the dead and stars talking to them...As they come closer he takes the three of them down.As he comes around the corner of a bar he finds me...cooking some boar in a shed...away from the rainy weather...

"Who are you, boy...What is your name? he asked.

"My name is Mark...Mark Ross."

He puts his shotgun on the ground as he sits and rests...

"What is your name?" I ask curiously.

"My name..." he laughs "My name is Phil Krueger" he replies with a hoarse voice.

"Nice to meet you Phil...It seems like the steak it's ready.I guess I can share some...You look rather lost where are you from?"

He laughs..."Does it matter?"...He grabs the shotgun and starts walking from side to side as his voice gets louder...

"Does it matter boy?Why does it matter to you...It doesn't the only thing that matters is who I am."

"Who are you?"

He laughs...

"Smart boy...I am the savior of this World because you see people like you don't have eyes they don't see behind the wall that the society builds.I do.I see everything...I understand everything...It was just a matter of time..."

"I don't understand.What are you talking about?"

He starts laughing again...

"Don't you see what is happening...Those people are not dead...They are just brain washed by the society as they were before.Going everyday at their day to night jobs with their suit and tie...those are the people you see walking around the fields those days."

"They had this disease before...But now it evolved...Those monsters that the society created in the old days are having revenge against this monotonous world that they had to survive through."

He laughs looking at me with hatred..."And I...I know how to stop this madness because I have stopped it before...It takes sacrifices..."

"Hey! Where are you going?"

He gets his backpack on his back and leaves...I was in shock...I turn my back to grab a bottle of water and in the front of the shed...there was Phil Krueger with the shotgun pointed at me...


He laughs...As Mark's dead body drops on the cold ground...

"I'm here!" he shouts.


Chapter II

-The day.-

...In the middle of the woods a guy, wearing a red shirt, was watching over Berezino.He was holding a walky talky in his left hand.He was smiling.


*Berezino is being overrun by the dead ! Is there anyone out there...Please help me !*

The trasmition closed.He has a rather strange expression on his face, he is thinking.He leans on his back and watches the sun shining above his head.

"So it came to this...Sitting in the middle of the woods, all by myself... Maybe I should have listened when I had the change.That day...it could have changed everything."

Now it all made sense looking at him.One would think that a man like Krueger does not have feelings, but he was nostalgic about that day...

16 September 2001 - Northern Ukraine


"Phil ! Dinner is ready !"

"I'm coming mother! Just let me place this mayfly in my collection...So what do we have for today? fish? steak?"

"We have some steak left from yesterday, so I don't want to waste it.Have you washed you hands, Phil?"

"Of course I did."

"Are you still playing with that stupid collection of yours? Don't you think you are too old to play with those insects? Why don't you go out with your friends from school?"

"Father won't let me. He says that I am too easily influenced by them. Anyway where is father? I haven't seen him in a while."

"He's up by the river. I believe he was trying to set some nettings."

"That means fish tomorrow!"

"Phil...Don't listen to your father when he told you to stay away from school and other people. Be yourself. You can have your own opinion..."

After dinner I went upstairs, into my room to look at my collection. There were only 12 specimens that I managed to caught. But I was really proud. I sat there watching my collection, hoping that father will come back later than usual. But I've felt asleep.

*Load noise coming from the kitchen*

"What have you told him? To make his own opinion? Are you insane? We have only one child and you are going to destroy him ! You both have no idea what is like to fight against them...against this corrupted society we live in !"

"But you never let him think for himself. You always tell him how cruel this world is but you never let him see it through his eyes. He knows nothing about this world. What is he going to do when he grows? Be like you ? Never with the family...always out hunting, fishing and then coming back home just to yell at us for how much we eat and for how much electricity we use."


"I am tired of coming home every night just to find out more nonsense that you women make up!"

It was at that point that I put my hand on the Colt Phyton .357 and started going downstairs.


As I opened the door with my gun out I saw the image of my father with his shotgun in his hands looking down at my mother's dead body. I started to cry...

"You demon ! What have you done ?"

"Shhh...It's ok." my father says, as he moves slowly towards me."Put your gun down boy...There is nothing here to worry about...the demon is dead."

I couldn't...I just...couldn't pull the trigger. He takes my Magnum away and hugs me.

"There is no need to worry boy...I'm here."

//OOC : -Phil Kruger can be found only on the EU S1 server.

-This is like a journal.I'll post here encounters that happened IG and make them look creepy as hell.

-I'll stream only when playing as Phil Krueger | http://www.twitch.tv/sir_lunatic

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-OOC Section added-

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-Chapter II Added-

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