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Server Restart/Crash moments

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What is the weirdest, funniest, luckiest moments you have had right when the server restarted/crashed?

Mine was when a new-spawn was attacking me and then the server restarted, both looking at each-other :D

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Someone told me to drop my stuff -> while I was about to drop server stopeed working -> could not put stuff down -> server ded -> Went in after restart -> waited for 25 minutes or so til other people came up to me to talk to me -> server was full -> went on because bandits dont logged back in and I found new rp while waiting for them.

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This was back when persistence was still around.

I was up at Severograd Military base and was starving to death with my mates. We had depended on random tins of food spawning here and there. One of us finally managed to get what we needed to start a farm, so we started a farm, and just as the pumpkins became ready for harvest, the server restarted, removing the farm. Personally, I didn't die, I managed to live on those tins of food, but one of friends there did, lying right next to where the pumpkin field was.

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  • MVP

I think my worst was having a bomber jacket full of food + drink I was sorting through on the ground then boom - server crash and it's gone

I raged so much xD

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  • Sapphire

The moment I found a chopper crash and Smersh vest, before watching the "No message received." come up.

I gave up on life.

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