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fixes or new items

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The people that create the new items and such are completely different to the people who are currently coding the new engine parts and fixes.

It isn't one or the other

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Just as Tamaster said...

Thing is, with every new thing, new stuff will get broken.

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When it comes to development of a title such as DayZ, it's a different beast entirely compared to that of other titles, when you have a game that requires its player base to be connected to the internet for the ability to play you need to take several factors into account. You have the normal, develop, refine and release process that then needs to be tested in game. As your entire player base is already connected, putting up test servers (Which they do.) is the best way to go and at that point you've killed two birds with one stone, game integration and testing.

Bugs are going to happen and I think their current course is by far the most streamlined and capable they could come up with, remember the team working on DayZ are professionals, they know what they're doing. In terms of bugs, the very reason they have "unstable releases" is to ensure that no game breaking bugs find their way into the core game, they're doing that while juggling the hefty demands of the fan base for more and more content. To conclude, it's probably the best we're going to get and best they could manage considering the time it takes to make the models, code and then integrate into the game.

TL;DR - I think their current development route is the best for the games stage in development, especially as they've kept fan expectations as a priority.

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How they can fix without new things released? You can fix and they do but if they add some new feature and the situation changing. Appears new problems witch at that time wasn't clear. Its called game developing in this mater game is early access. its mean you agreed with all bugs and fixes witch appear in the game. they earn money and they have bigger money in budget to improve or they can run with all money leaving holes in game. all depends from how they manage game development.

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ALPHA = Adding as much features and items as possible

BETA = Fixed all the added features and items

OFFICIAL RELEASE = Full game with tons of great features and items that are all working.

This stage of the game (Alpha) is to add new mechanisms, items, features and much more "adding" than you can ever imagine. When Beta comes out, they will fix as best as they can, everything they added in Alpha.

As mentioned above also, Coding and New items is 2 different things ;)

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I agree what John-Doe said.

They also can add stuff in the beta too since they listin to the feedback of the player (or dont they?) but mainly the "massiv fix" will come while the beta is on. In the alpha its buggy, its laggy, it will crash and it will get bigger =D

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Right now the game is being fleshed out, what you don't seem to understand is that those things that are being put into the game like guns and items are not being prioritized over other elements. They are being put in because the developer has multiple departments that deal with different aspects of the game. The people that are qualified for working in the design and modeling department probably aren't familiar with what's needed for coding or testing other parts of the game. Each department deals with what their job qualifications are. Some things take more time, while things like 3D modeling is less time consuming. This is why we are getting a lot more items in game than bug fixes or gameplay elements.

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