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Why you dont go with strangers

Ghost of Levi

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  • Sapphire


long story short, i just go mental :P

Thanks hatch for this fun moment, but you havnt gotten rid of me yet >:D

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  • Sapphire

It was fun :)

Was hard breaking old habits due to playing a new character and being so used to Harvey but I think it went well, thanks for the great RP!

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  • Sapphire

Shouldn't this be why you SHOULD go with strangers...this was a great play, and it even had pathetic fallacy, that sprinkling of rain really highlighted the back and forth between you two!...but I hope you stay in the woods...lol

oh dont worry, im sure i will run into you oventually, i travel... alot haha....HAHAHAH

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  • Sapphire

Wow, that was amazing... and creepy...

And great emotions you two


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