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The Fishingrod

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Just yesterday me and my friend were loting vibor then these two guys came out and held us up we did everything they wanted us to do. They handcuffed us and took most of our gear the only thing they didnt take from me was my fishingrod. While they were checking my friend they locked me up in the police station when they went back to my friend, I thought it was a good time to escape so i broke the handcuffs got the fishingrod out and broke the door. I could fight them because i didnt have a gun and the other guys AKM's so I hid from them five or six minutes later they saw me I decided to run. They started to shoot at me, I couldn't stop now they already wanted to kill me so I continued in to the woods and lost them there. This was the perfect time for my friend to escape, he broke his cuffs and ran. We regrouped at green mountain geard up and headed out. We didn't go searching for the guys that held us hostage because we didnt think it was worth it so headed south. We started to get hungry and soon enough we where starving. I dug up some worms and started fishing in a lake i cought some fish and ate them. By this time the fishingrod had saved us two times and from there we always kept a fishingrod with us. So don't underestimate a fishingrod.

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