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Before the "crash". (Khardia's backstory)

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You see a video camera laying in a tent at the Trade Post. It looks broken, like if a zombie had a bite in it. Surprisingly, it's still working.

To start with, you hear some coughing, then you see someone with a blue face, due to the paint he obviously put on his face. The guy wears military clothes with the TOR emblem on his right shoulder.

Is it still working? The man approaches his face of the camera, turns it around. You see a camping tent. Then it comes back to the man's face.

I guess it is.

How can I start? Well, my name is Khardia. I'm from Canada, Québec so yeah, I speak French.


Some people call me Blue, probably because of my face. I paint my face because people can recognize me and know that I'm a medic. I have a fiancé out there, in Canada. I work, well worked, with the Canadian Red Cross. I've been sent here to help the survivors. We were supposed to come here, in Chernarus, to set a medical camp where everyone could come. A safe haven, yeah.

Although, we didn't know that the plague would "kill" the most part of the population.


I don't even know if Canada is safe anymore. Maybe everyone that I know out there is dead?


Yeah, I'm not here to talk about them anyways. My passions used to be sports and video games. I was playing basketball, soccer, american football... Even with those sports, I managed to play video games! Can't tell how many hours I've played Battlefield 2, hehe.

You're probably thinking that it doesn't matter, but what matters now? Surviving? Yes, but.. Yeah.

I came here with the Red Cross medevac and I was happy about that. It was my first mission. We were supposed to go to the airfield, where we would be received and shown our camp.

Yeah, by humans.

After many hours of flight, we arrived close to the airfield by midnight, a tuesday.

It's a strange feeling when your pilot goes "Les gars, on est dans la vraie merde" which could be translated by "Guys, we're f***ed". Usually, pilots don't say that, right? When they say so, everyone wants to see what's going on : Is it the engine? The wings?. Nah, it was none of that.

We were getting shot at. Our pilot died as soon as he finished to speak, two M24 bullets in the chest.

We crashed.

We hit the ground.

I don't remember a lot of things. My first thought was "Am I dead yet?" obviously, I wasn't. I heard people scream.


People were coming all around the crashed plane, shooting what you call zombies. When the area was cleared, they started to steal our remaining equipments, clothes, medical supplies, food, water... Everything.

I don't know how much time passed, but when I woke up, it was the morning. My right leg and right arm were hurting. Guess they were broken. A man started to walk towards me, gun pointed at my head. I thought he was about to shoot. He came towards me and asked me to say something. I then understood that he wanted to know if I was a.. thing.

"-My name is Khardia." I managed to say.

He started to run to me, giving me painkillers. He told me his name was Kahmul, that he was part of The Outpost Rangers. I was too weak to say anything so I let him carry me in the woods, where he gave me morphine, helped me by giving me a blood transfusion (I was not able to see anything), he gave me food, water.. Then I fell unconscious. I don't know if it was because I was too weak, tired or just desperate. When I woke up, I was in a camp with him and two other guys. One of them was called Sin, part of The Outpost Rangers also and the other guy was called Metaphor, part of the same clan.

All of that happened about a month ago. I have no news of my Red Cross team... Let's hope they are O.K.

This place is supposed to be the safe haven, known as the Trade Post.

But in every movie I watched, the safe haven always got destroyed.

My name is Khardia, part of TOR. If you ever need me, I'll be glad to do my best to help you.

I'll probably come back to talk about my days and nights... Probably.

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Perfect, this is one of the few stories I have been able to read completly ! I love the way you introduced T.O.R in your story.

I hope your red cross team is alright ! I didn't heard from them since a couple of weeks now... (RIP)

Nice Roleplaying story.

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We've lost six safe havens so far, by my count.

Somehow, they keep bouncing back. Somehow. Stay strong, my brothers, but never rigid. Flex with the changes. Always.

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((If you ever add more to this story, about later encounters, you can add me in if you like :D))

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Dear collegaue, I am glad that there are more out there who are willing to help, combined with medical knowledge. I hope we meet one day!

((Very well written, nice way of introducing TOR))

I hope to meet you too. I'm glad to meet another medic! I already know a few! If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me.

((Well thank you! Much appreciated! :) ))

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