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Fan Fiction

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As we left Green Mountain I couldn't shake the feeling that we were being watched. It is ruff out here in this vast world of destruction and hate, but even worse with feelings that drag on till you know you cant bear them anymore and they just flow. But this is a different feeling, the feeling of knowing someone is there, spying, watching, stalking you. But that is something you have to live with. Anyone can be watching, waiting to take your life, and break it apart piece by piece right in front of your eyes. My life.... my family was all I had left. We had been through a living hell together, surviving the wastes. But with the death of my wife and daughter all that is left of me is an empty shell. Somebody who only trusts the bad side of people, a person whose bad side is always showing. Someone who cant escape his sorrows. As we trekked across the open field, it gave me time to think, time to remember, remember the faces of my family as they were gunned down in front of my eyes like a bunch of, a bunch of animals. They started from one side of town and made there way to the other. Killing everyone in sight. Me and my family were hold up inside the corner building, it looked like some old pub. Watching the zombies below walk the streets. Then one night, was when the shots rang out. One minute I was asleep the next I was handcuffed, watching as they stood my wife and daughter in front of me. They kicked them to their knees and looked at me. "REMEMBER WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE TODAY MY FRIEND, LIVE IN FEAR" they said as they loaded their pistols and pointed them at my families heads. Then they.... BOOM then the shot rings out to my right and I turn to see a member of my team drop to the ground unconscious I pulled up my rifle and looked through the scope the see a man running in the woods, trying to re position himself for another shot. I breathed out slowly and aimed in front of him. I pulled the trigger and the kick nearly knocked me off my feet. I steadied myself to see that he was lying dead on the hillside. Then I remember what had just happened and ran over to my member. I crouched down beside her and put pressure on her wound. "Stay with me Tex, stay with me" I said as I grabbed a roll of gauze from my backpack and started to wrap it around her. I could see the expression on her face, her eyes were filled with fear as she layed there. Jesse ran over and helped me get her back on her feet. "Your gonna be fine" I said knowing that she has lost allot of blood. Then we heard it. The sound of guns being loaded. Me and Jesse quickly turned around to face three others pointed automatics at us. "Turn and around and get down on your knees" They said as they moved closer. We gently set Tex back down on the ground and got down on our knees. Then I felt it, the sharp pain of the but of the gun hitting the back of my head. My vision went blurry and I fell to the ground. BLACKOUT.

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