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Official Stranded Deep Thread


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If you don't know it yet Stranded Deep is a survival game much like DayZ (Except for sharks instead of zombies). Thrown straight into a plane crash and you end up on your own island of paradise to set yourself up and survive.

The game is currently in Alpha but after playing it now for 3 hours straight its very addictive. The crafting system is easy to use with no crafting screen simply place the items together on the floor, left click once the symbol shows and choose what to craft. This is well worth a look into on steam.

Thought this thread might also be good for sharing how your survival is going.

Heres mine:






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Yeah love the textures and the concept! The only problem I have is the islands are too small.. I think there should be one big island with caves and a mountains.. Would be cool.

Also this:


Yea I agree bigger island would be nice who knows might be added in the future.

I haven't heard so much hype for an early access since DayZ. Is it really that good?

It really is think the films castaway and Jaws and you pretty much there. At the moment its abit limited with just crafting the odd things like a building and going out to explore other small islands and wrecks underwater but in future who knows how it might end up.

Id say go look at some videos and see what you think.

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Was recommended this by rocket himself.

Hope it's actually good :D

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Im more curious on how it holds up in comparison to The Forest. I dont think comparing it to DayZ seems very relevant.

I liked the looks of it but I've heard both bad things and good things. Personally I want some gameplay length so there's some value for the money.

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I'll just wait until the full release, I am not going to jump on the trend of early access. There are just way to much now a days. So, for that reason, I am out.

But I do have to say the game looks really pretty and I did see a video on the crafting system, very simply. Well anyways hope everyone that does get the game, have fun! :)

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  • Emerald

This game looks great.

I'm gonna wait till its a bit further in the alpha build though.

There is just too much to be implented yet and it would be a pity to be at the end of survival already when new cool stuff will be implented.

Defenatelly keeping on my wishlist

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  • Sapphire

Watched people play it, this is all I could think of:


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If you pay 5$ youll get a survivor drop, which has food and water for 10 months, a gun with 3 clips and a buttload of ammo, and a special skin for your character.

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Played 13 hours of Stranded Deep so far, I think that it's really good... there are a few bugs (mostly related to saving/loading) but what can you expect from an unfinished game?


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