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Śȼαгş Frequency.

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*Alexander places a fresh battery into his radio and flicks the switch*

*His voice speaks over the static*

"Alright guys, after i saw y'all leave basecamp, i havent heard from you since."

*He Sighs*

"What happened to Constant radio contact."

*He releases the button only to hear ear crunching static.*

*You hear a thud over the radio as he hits it against a wall.*

"Are any of you still alive. We still need to stay in constant radio contact. . . Its too dangerous not to nowadays"

*You hear the sound of doors locking and a gust of wind blow through the building*

"I'll be sitting at basecamp awaiting your return."

*As Alexander sits down by the window and watching the storm rage on in the distance and he mumbles to himself*

"Wasnt that the direction that Victor and co' went?"


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*As Viktor feels the heavy downfall from the rain he hears the incoming radio message*

*Thunder strikes in the distance as he puts the radio in his hand and starts talking*

"Were having problems with the weather, the wind caught the tent and blew it away into the woods, we need to get underground, its not safe here"

*The wind intensifies in the background as Viktor screams: Zero, we got to go!!!*

"We came across some people earlier speaking of a bunker not far from here, we'll be better off taking our chances there than here..."

*Lightning strikes in a field close by, attracting the infected*

*Viktor shouts at Zero again: Forget the fucking documents, we need to go, NOW!!!*

"We will try to contact you once we are safe and the weather has calmed down. Stay safe Alexander, Viktor ou---"

*The message is cut short due to unknown reasons*

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*Bill reaches for his radio and clears his throat*

"Calling all on this frequency, so far we've done magnificently, we have resupplied, geared up, tool-ed up and ready to reach out to people for support and to spread good business throughout the region.

We've come across various groups & people so far no trouble...if anyone hears or see anything that's of concern report it immediately on our secure frequency.

Remember, if anyone tries anything stupid or even thinks it, speak the words "We are Scars of the old world", they will know who you are and you are not to be fucked with!

Now enough of this time wasting, I'll make sure dinner is ready for tonight, Stay safe and safe travels along your path my friends.

Zero, out.

*Bill reaches for his Bow whilst placing the radio on the table and proceeds to the door intently*

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  • 2 weeks later...

*The cacophony of wind and rain hitting the sheet metal of the barn makes Will's curses almost inaudible*

"Does this piece of shit even work!"

*Will hits the radio several times*

"Those coocksucking vultures, 'Blackwood' motherfucking 'Militia' took a rifle butt to this thing"

*Will hocks a spittle of blood and tries to wipe the remaining mess away, he only worsens it*

"they fucking robbed me! they beat me! and t-then they b-bran- "

*With all the fury and rage Will can muster he screams and smashes his fists into the barn wall*

"... they bran- NO! SHE branded me! fucking Rose, motherfucking Rose Goddamn Troyan my so called 'friend' branded me like an animal.

*The swelling anger starts to make Will's stomach turn*

"Now I'm not saying I never did anything horrible in this world, but what Ro- that Judas of a woman did was different"

*Squinting through his swelling eyes Will gazes out the barn door*

"it wouldn't be so bad if she hated me, jesus wept even if she despised me, but she barely said a word. she... just went along... the spineless coward of a woman"

*The sound of rain starts to recede*

"I don't know where you guys stand on this, but if you're not with me I've... I've had my fill of crapshit friends."

*Will drops the radio and limps out into the rain*

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*After listening to several frequencies Donny shoots up after hearing the words 'Rose Troyan' and continues listening to what the man has to say*

*Donny starts laughing after hearing the man go on, he the presses the button on radio down and begins talking*

How the fuck do you know our girl Rose? you should know better than to trust anyone.... Thought you would get lucky by befriending her? is that it... You absolute swine of a man deserve the branding she gave you i hope you squealed oh god i hope you did.

*Donny takes a drag on his half lit cigarette before speaking again*

Now to whoever holds this frequency just because our girl branded your man don't go making the decision on hunting us down cause i swear it will not end good for you... i promise you that

*Donny ends the transmission and continues his cigarette*

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*He picks up his radio & slowly speaks with a deep voice*

....So much fear....so much noise......The Devil has awoken....be careful what you wish for...Mr.big balls...

*A sinister chuckle is heard*

*Static ensues*XXXxXXXxXxxxx

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*As Oscar picks up his radio you hear a hard banging noise*

"Is this thing on?"


"Can anybody hear me?"

*Crackling increases as the batteries of his radio begin to run low*

"I've been walking for days, Does anyone use this frequency, i mean i know Alexander used this before he died, but are any of you guys out there?

"I'm at Elektrozavodsk. at least i think that's how it translates. . . i cant read Russian. I Just picked up a book and the word just looked similar"

*Static becomes increasingly prevalent*

"If any of you guys can actually hear this, I am alive. Hungry, but alive. just thought i'd update you on where i am if you still cared.

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*You hear Chernarussian jibberish as Dima flips in-between frequencies*

"Ah..here we go."

"Hello my friends!..so uhh ive been getting word from some people that you're trying to hunt me down?


"You can take your empty threats else where my friend..."

"Perhaps the grave's I am digging for you and your dog pig friends!"

*Radio cuts out as you hear Geiza telling Dima to stop wasting the radios battery's.*

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*Oscar Picks up his radio after listning in on this strange man talking over the radio*

"Who are you? is this the wrong frequency man. i dont know who You are."

*Scratches his head*

"And as for these empty threats. i dont remember hearing any threats coming from us. and when we do make them, you can count on it. they wont be. . . very empty. . .

*Gunshots can be heard in the distance as the radio cuts out and static lingers*

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  • 1 month later...

*Bill reaches for the radio and speaks intently with a focused look on his face*

*clears throat*

Attention those on our frequency,

it's come to our attention that many of our, "friends and acquaintances"...have gone missing.

I suspect foul play has been...we all know times are hard and its become a little chaotic out there...but that doesn't mean we will shy away from our duty & our responsibilities.

some of our business partners have gone missing...meaning our interest is at stake...our very survival is....this is...unacceptable, and we rectify that problem...right now.

the following names are the people we are looking for.

Natalie crow..and her brother, they are friends of ours and have gone missing.

Mila...Josie...Paula...we have private business with them, lost contact with them for some time...critical importance.

if anyone has any information leading to there where abouts it would be appreciated. this call will be re-played on this frequency.


B ~

*Static ensues*XXxXxxXxxx

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*Sensaburu wipes his hands from the sweat and takes the radio in hand. It has been quite some time since he had contact with other survivors.*

" Hello? Anybody there?"

*Sounds of someone coughing and cussing softly can be heard*

"I understand you might need the help of someone who knows his away around the place and has a basic knowledge of Russian? I think we can help each other."

*Sounds of more coughing, this time it takes couple of minutes before Sensaburu resumes the transmission.*

"I may be not the best with a gun and my social skills are less than great, but I have explored fair share of this god forsaken land and made extensive notes. "

"I will be listening for a response..."

*Sensaburu coughs again, wipes the specs of blood and spit from his mouth and turns the radio off.*

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  • MVP

*Reiner switching frequencies comes across this frequency and sends a request*

Hello? Is their anyone on this frequency? I've come across some people who have said their lives have been saved from people on this frequency. I've heard tales of such people. I wish to meet those on this frequency, I have a diplomatic offer I wish to ask of these people. Please reply to me when you can.

*Reiner leaves the radio on, patiently waiting a response. *

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*Radio flickers to life, silence is slowly broken*

Well....you know a bit about us, yet I know nothing about you, Hm perhaps a little more information about who you work for could possibly intrigue me further...and this mutual friend of ours.

*static ensues*XXxXXx

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  • MVP

*Hearing the man's response, Reiner picks up the radio, taking a moment before beginning to speak. The quiet but dark night at Pik Kozlova's peak allows the radio to speak with little disturbance*

Forgive my rudeness, manner's are still something I need work on. My name is Reiner. I am an advocate for an organization that we have recently begun to call Alcyone. We strive to preserve what is left of the world regarding knowledge. The man I spoke to did not give me a name yet said to seek this frequency out if I wished to speak with men and women who had the will of humanity left. We of Alcyone are neutral you see, we do not pick sides in conflict. However, we believe that your people and ours could have an agreement of sorts.

*The sound of an owl hooting is what can be heard as the radio begins to dim in noise.*


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Hmm *places his cup down and pauses*

very interesting indeed, seeking certain truths I presume... as the saying go's, knowledge is power...guard it well.

very well then, seeing as we have some time to spare I will tell you when and where, and we will agree on terms on another private frequency.

till then, safe travels along your path, Bill over & out.


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  • 2 weeks later...

*Sydney picks up a radio she previously threw out of frustration*

*She presses the button and hopes, the radio makes a feedback noise, she switches the frequency*

"B-Bil- Bill, can you hear me? B-ill come in"

*She looks down at the radio, "work you shitty thing dammit!", she presses the button again*

"Bill Hunter, this is Sydney, can you hear me?"

*She releases the button and hopes the radio is working. Pressing the button once again*

"Bill, this is Sydney, I got lost Bill. I don't know- I don't know how long I can keep looking. I got in some trouble in Severograd, my radio broke, them bloody zombies. Please tell me you're all okay, I keep thinking if I keep looking I might find you. But I'm tired, I hurt my leg so need to rest up, I'm currently north of that giant airfield."

*Sydney looks down at the bullet wound on her arm and the massive cut on her leg*

"I'm not sure if I'm going to make it. If I don't- I'm sorry Bill. I've let you down."

*Sydney looks down at the radio, places in in her vest, and opens a drink*

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  • 2 weeks later...

As John sits alone in an old barn, he takes out his radio and tunes it to the one frequency that may hold the answers he's looking for.

He takes a drag from his cigarette and clears his throat.

"Anyone out there?"

He pauses for a moment.

"Has anyone seen Valek? You know the guy who wore the clown mask? I was with him the another day at Bash, and haven't heard or seen him since i nodded off in here later that day?"

He takes another drag

"Valek where the fuck are you?" 

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"J it's me, where the hell is Valek...I lost contact with him after you boys visited that compound up north......Percy and those people's home...perhaps he knows something...Hmm"

"He better answer soon otherwise there will be hell to pay"

*static ensues*XxXXxXxXxx

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John once again finds himself alone, still contemplating the fate of his friend Valek. He once again switches on his radio and prepares to speak.

"For any of you still using this frequency, I thought I'd keep you up to date with the search for Valek"

He pauses, hoping for some kind of response. 

"Me and a few others checked out the colony's new set up, talked to a few guys. No real leads. Seems a pretty dead trail. But we will find out where Valek is, or... well you know"

John lights a cigarette, gazing over Chernarus. "Where could you be?" he whispers to himself. 

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  • 1 month later...

*Static fills the airwaves and though it you can just about hear a voice. The voice sounds mischievous.*

"I sent the message, made it really convincing too."

*There is a short pause filled with static"

"I do wonder what people will think. I mean I know what some people think but I what of the others think... I wonder if they fell for it."

*He laughs at the thought* 

*There is another pause before the man starts to speak again*

"One of them, one guy warned me about how people would come after me for saying such things.

*His voice becomes more excited*

"Oh I hope they do, it would be fun to finally meet some of these 'parasites'."

*He chuckles. The broadcast cuts out suddenly as the man turns off the radio* 

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Greetings listeners....

usually we do not use open frequencies like this...but as of late we are forced to broadcast certain things.... lots of business going on lately in this country, some of which...disturbing.. however I'll cut to the chase....

I require a private word with a Mr.Percy Windsor...it appears I have a few questions for him regarding a friend of mine who of recent..disappeared but, has informed me that you have information of a certain someone who I need to speak too 

*clenches his fist slightly*

Come now Mr.Windsor.. don't let me going trekking across the whole country, be in touch with us aye.

Bill ~

*static ensues* XXxXXxxXxx

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*//one last broadcast?**

"usually I am not one for speeches, they are not my forte *hesitant chuckle*

but unfortunately...times have become more desperate....resources and supplies run low, desperation has turned to violence and madness has gripped the minds of many.

its interesting to see how people react to every day life in this land... some are more fortunate than others...others, just didn't get no luck.. but they died *he sighs quietly* 

we have tried since the beginning of the outbreak to create a safe haven more or less for our own people but.. things prove more difficult than expected as is natural in a crisis situation.. when push comes to shove and all the cards are down, these...civilized people, will turn on each other in a heartbeat...

We grow few in number...there are not many people nowadays which everyone is aware of but don't want to speak about it...we prefer to put it in the back of our minds like some sort of bad dream that we want to wake from.. some deal with it better than others...but the truth, no matter how hard you try to run and hide from it....it will always find you in the end. death is another path of life, one that we all must face...sooner or later.

Many people know of us, they think we are philosophical stalkers who take pride in our logic and only out to help ourselves...*chuckles to himself*

I'm 51 years old I'm an old man.. I live by my principles just as anyone would live by there's... we see the worst in people and sometimes in the world as a whole... I sought to change that, to attract more too our beliefs and to a system that is fair..and just.... for the most part we succeeded, and failed after seeing many of our friends succumb to disease and famine.. but at least their memory will live on and they did not die in vain.

*raises his head with awe* ....one last chance now. it's all or nothing..

*Static envelops the broadcast*XXXxXXxx

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