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The Orphan Wolf

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*After Bar pitched his tent, he turned on his gas lantern, thinking about how stupid he is and how he messed everything up, again. He deploys some snares in a hope to catch some rabbits and thinking about how he can’t even tell anyone about how crappy he feels, so he takes his pen and some paper he tore from a book and starts writing*

Well... I am not sure where to begin. My name is 'Bar', no last name. Right now I am sitting in my tent with a small lantern that is about to get out of gas. Let me go back to the beginning. As I said, my name is Bar and I most of my life I spent in the 'Almog' Orphan House because, well, let's just say I wasn't as cute as a baby as I am now. I grew up alone for the first 11 years with no annoying brothers that's bulling me, no evil baby sisters to tease me and no parents to ground me or yelling at me to stop watching the TV all day, all I had was some nannies who treated me as their job and as nice as they were to me, they were not a family. One day a bit bigger orphan house from the north of the country got out of business and two kids from there, brother and sister, moved from there to 'Almog' Orphan House, the boy, Ethan was three years older than me while the girl, Rooth was two years younger than me. They had no blood relation but they were surly siblings and all I thought to myself was: "I wish I was able to have a family just like they do" and "Maybe I finally found myself a family?" At the first few weeks I got to know them but didn't really had a chance to get close to them, one day I decided to just ask to join their family and they agreed. Finally I had family that I can watch National Geographic and play with. At one point I stopped thinking about us as a family and started to see us as a pack of wolves, No blood relation as a condition to be part of a pack and even a stronger bond than a family.

When Rooth died I was 18 and a half serving in the I.D.F in the intelligent unit as my compulsory service, I came back 'home' and Ethan stood there with an empty look on his face, He told me about Rooth and said that he arranged me a six months brake from the military that I will give back when we will be back from our trip, our dream trip that we wanted to do after Rooth will finish her compulsory service. We had everything planned except the outbreak part. One day when we returned to Chernogrosk (or whatever is this city's name) we saw a hoard of bodies, walking bodies that ran towards us like a tsunami. Ethan and I got separated and we never saw each other until a week ago. Few weeks ago I found a small pub with some pretty nice people. It was called "The Strangeland Pub" even though everyone called it "The Resort", I men there Jade, Aurora, Nathalie and of course my mentor that now teaches me medicine, Jimmy and many more. Jimmy saved my life once when someone tried to kill me in the resort and Jimmy came to help me even though he didn't even knew me that time. Jade was kind and with heart bigger that the Everest, he gave me a case that I was looking for with some arrows to my bow. I never really got a chance to talk with Nathalie one on one but I can only say she makes the tastiest pumpkins that I ever ate. And there was Aurora, the sweetest and kindest person that had ever existed, but as kind as she is as tough she can be. Maybe I finally found myself a new family, a new pack? One day a guy name Tom arrived, and for somehow he knew my last name and my origin and even spoke to me in Hebrew! He said that my brother is in Novy Sobor and want to meet me there. I did not believe him and went back to where the hoard of infected got us separated, the hoard was there, and so as my brother. He looked at me with empty, no, hungry eyes and started to run towards me and I shot him with the same bow he made me. After I came back to the resort I saw Aurora that asked me why I am so sad and I told her about my brother, she pitied on me and that actually made me feel like there is someone that actually care of me. In my time at the resort I found some good old Jack Daniels bottles in the village that was by the resort and pour them into my canteen. The past week can be summed up in one word: "Fighting". Everyone fought with everyone all I did was trying to stay away from all the action, if I will start to fight I may lose my only chance to have a family again, so I kept my distance humming my brother favorite song while drinking from my canteen instead of snapping on them. Yesterday I drank so much until I passed out, there were too many fights that day, and Aurora woke me up with a punch to the head and bandaged my hands after getting cut from the shuttered glass and got me to the bed in the guest room of the resort. I screwed up my only chance for a new pack. Now I just can’t even look into their eyes without seeing me as another drunken guest of the resort so I decided to leave the place for a while, I hope they will forgive me for the mess I did there that nigh….

*The Lantern gets out of gas and Bar put back his pen and paper into his jacket pocket*

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