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Question about RP and death


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So, how should you RP when you die? I mean, you obviously lose your items as NLR says, but what should you tell to your friends when they ask example "Where did you lost your AKM?" Should I tell them that someone shot me and then I went unconscious, when they really killed me?

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  • Titanium

Use your imagination ingame. Theres alot of ways to do it.

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  • Emerald

Could just say 'I dropped it while legging it away from a group of zombies as it was weighing me down' or something like that. Like DarthStyle said, use your imagination ingame to try and explain away missing pieces and things like that.

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  • Legend

What i usually do is say something like "some asshole cloriformed me and i woke back up at the coast with all my stuff missing"

which now that i think of it must be really hard to cloriform me since i always have a biker helmet on hah!

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