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DayZRP has a twitter...


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DayZRP has a twitter, why not use that twitter account to spread the word about the hottest topics of the day. So, people that are on twitter see it, come in, drop a comment on the topic, make it hotter. Even share some of the interesting lore and stories.

Just make the twitter account more of use. Make the twitter account more active. So, people that are twitter that love DayZ but don't know that there is a place that does RolePlay.

This can also be done with the facebook page. Just so everyone, anywhere on these social medias can come and find us.

Isn't that why you made them, so you can spread the word of this place? So people can come and join us in Chernarus, but we all play a role.

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Jesus man it already takes me hours to get in game. I like the enthusiasm though.

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We always have a steady flow of people joining. Disrupting that equilibrium, more often than not, ends with an overflow of players and reports. I'm not saying it's bad to spread the word, but personally, I'm having a hard enough time trying to get into S1 and S2. If more players show up, then it will take forever to get into any server (even S3), just like Echo said above.

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That just means that the members that qualify for the following: Here. Should do it. Them signing up and making an effort to help everyone else out, will help themselves. You want more servers? You want to be able to play? You want the staff to help you? Sign up. Become part of the staff, if qualified. That way the staff grows, the community grows, the site grows. Everyone is happy.

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That still doesn't cover the influx of players. Having more Staff members won't help lower the count in the servers (if anything it will raise it), and I'm not sure how much a Standalone server costs, but Rolle has to pay for all of this. The Forums, the Servers, the TS3, and I imagine that can't be very cheap, so adding more servers isn't really an option.

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