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87.8 EU S1 Message for the "Family"


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*Battery running low I transmit one and only message I have*

"With a serious and deadly hint in his voice Santiago lets out a short message"

We are the Legion....Expect us!

"Battery Dies"

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[The radio flicks on. A familiar British voice is heard clearing his throat. The radio remains on as a match is lit, the wind rushes against the radio... a fire roars in the background. The man sighs deeply.]

"See you soon, honey. We'll be sure to leave the lights on for your arrival. It's always nice when those living in peace are attacked by those acting on rumor. We could talk it out but... people like you always seem a little trigger-happy. No point in spilling more blood on already bloodsoaked soil. I'll stay on this frequency if you feel the need to talk but I get the impression that you've already heard enough."

"If you really believe your 'legion' is going to come in and take down our entire family and followers in one fell swoop, you're dead fucking wrong. You'd better be bringing an army, mate."

[The radio is flicked off.]

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Markus hears the odd broadcast while sitting around Green Mountain waiting for the latest scavenging party to return. As an ex- reporter looking to record the events of Chernarus, he is naturally curious. As such, he picks up the radio and asks to no one in particular

"Who the fuck are Legion? And who pissed them off?"

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Another Voice turns on, this time with a strange accent.

"The Legion? Uh... I heard about this stuff before. Was it in a Game? Fallout? Or was it these masked wannabe freedom fighter kids called Anonymous something? Anyway... no need to kill uh? Hope you guys keep peacefully. Dont want to hear another sad story these days

A small break, then a click and the transmission is over

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*Santiago inserts a nearly lifeless battery into radio*

"He speaks with a very soft yet harsh tone"

The Family.....Its time for you all to meet your Maker.....

"as the radio starts break out he says"

We are the Legion.. *static* ..Expect us!

*Transmission Ends*

*Santiago throws the radio to the ground and thinks to himself..... The time for talk is over.*

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While setting up camp near the Bor radio tower, Vlads radio begins to flicker as he overhears the transmission, then hearing Summers' voice in reply. Vlad grimaces, packs his camp, cleans out his AK47, and offers a short prayer to The Maker before setting off to return to the Father.

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A young black male would be sitting by a pond in the middle of a forrest, tuning into different radio frequencies, trying to find some conversations, as he would stumble over 87.8. For a while the male would listen as he in all seriousness would shake his head, before reaching for his AKM. He would unclip the drum-mag, as he would place it by the rest of his mags, starting to refill them with bullets.

He would reach for the radio again, applying a gentle push to the PTT-button on the walkie, as he would speak in a cold and low voice, forcing the listeners to lower their voices to be able to hear his words

"Go ahead. Go for these people. Just know that we are people who are gonna back them up. You don't know who we are, but we will find you. It's not a threat nor a promise... It's a fact."

He would place his radio in his bag as he would turn to his brother, sending him a soft nod, as they would start to break camp.

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*The flips of papers is heard as Tom reaches over to his talkie and clicks it on listening over some of the conversation*

"Another empty soul with a empty threat. Another sacrifice I'll have to perform. Also to my followers that tuned in..

Tom Jagger 32:3 The name of the Maker is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil. Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage."

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  • Emerald

*Drake cuts into the transmission*

Ha! The legion is your name? wow what a funny coincidence! ran into a dude a green mountain about a month ago, screaming that you were coming to kill us all, well anyways turns out he was the only one!

*laughter can be heard in the background*

Well anways i have NOTHING to do with The Family so yah, i ain't friends with them either, but hey, just though i'd share that funny story 'o mine. anyways watch your men if your a real group! haven't run into ya yet so i can't say but.... all i know is that you better watch your mates because you don't want them making a foul of you!

*radio cuts out*

*Radio cuts back in*

oh and this is to the family, i don't know you, haven't met a single one from the family so thats why i said that i'm not friends with you! just like to point that out so you don't come for me, as long as you don't harm me and i don't harm you the feelings mutual!

*radio finally cuts out*

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  • Sapphire

Clyde still suffering from a bit of a hangover hears the transmission on the radio. He groans and picks up the radio.

"As much as I admire your style, you Legion folk best be prepared. I don't think you really know what you're getting into. Tread lightly. I'll tell you h'what..."

He drops the radio and lies back down.

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  • Emerald

*Drake cuts back in*

a, hey this is to the family again. ran into one of yours today, he was a cowboy-ish type guy. don't worry he wasn't harmed, but he did take one of ours and demand us to give him ammo, though most of use declined and only five of us including me went to check on our friend. seems that your family member thought that he was nice so they let him live. and trust me i am grateful that you can run that way, so so far i haven't known much about you. heard some nasty rumors though, hope they aren't true. But besides all this i don't take kindly to you interfering with MY family. now you didn't harm him so we are mutual, but if i ever come into more experience with you guys in a negative way we won't be mutual.

*drake cuts out, and then remembers the mans unemotional voice when he told him that he didn't care whether the man he held died or not, rethinking his status on the family, yet not wanting to brake mutual.*

*Drake lays down by the side of the prison wall, looking up and says, "Better make sure i'm not messing with the wrong family, better make sure THEY don't mess with the wrong family, eh, right now the feelings mutual"*

*Suddenly hears Clyde over the radio and thinks, Yah, I won't mess with this family, learn from others mistakes. Ha, learned THAT the hard way!*

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