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Danny Taylor: The Long Road Home

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Name: Danny Taylor


Cause of Death: Died due to bullet wounds protecting his friends.

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Danny is a young man with lot of ambition. He's 25 years old and from the heart of East Texas; the Golden Triangle region. He has a decent sized house on a quiet street with two dogs in his backyard, a cat, and a loving wife, Stacy.

He's a hard working man, getting up at 5:00AM every day to get to work by 6:00AM and bust ass until 6 in the evening and sometimes even later than that as an oil and gas pipeline inspector.

One day, Danny's boss called him into his office. Danny thought he might be in some kind of trouble, since the company man never really spoke much to him. But Danny was wrong. The boss offered him a job, deep in Soviet country, Chernarus. Danny would fly in to a place called Balota and take a shuttle to Chapaevsk, just outside of a major industrial city called Chernogorsk. The pay was extremely well, at an international rate of $40.00 an hour, $120.00 a day per diem, hazard pay at $55.00 a day, and a hotel room that the company would be paying for until they could find an apartment or townhouse to rent in the area close to the pipeline. There was nothing to think about for Danny. The boss told him if he wanted to go, then to be ready to leave in two days; giving Danny the next day off so he could prepare. He accepted the job and rushed home to Stacy.

Stacy was in the backyard in the flower garden. She had on her gloves and was clearing out the weeds from the soil. She sees Danny coming to her with a smile on his face. He tells her that he'll be leaving for 6 months and won't be back until after Christmas. Finally, they can afford a better home, a more reliable car for Stacy to get back and forth to work, everything... a new life. But she doesn't want him to leave. They had never been apart for more than a full day since they had been together...8 years now, high school sweethearts. She looks away..she doesn't want him to see her cry, but he can feel it, he doesn't have to see. She knows he has to do what's best for the both of them...

The last hour arrives and it's time to get on the plane. Stacy grips his hand hard, slightly tugging his hand into the direction where they came in. He knows she just wants him to get back in the car with her so they can go back home. He swallows a lump in his throat that was almost painful. They kiss each other hard. Danny tells her that it's just 6 months... he'll be right back...

It was a long flight to Balota with a few layovers. Danny took the shuttle to the International Hotel in Chernogorsk. Room 315. Danny had a clear view of the ocean, but the city wasn't much to look at. It was a dark city, very grey and industrial. Nothing that he wasn't used to seeing in this line of work, he had spent some time in the refineries in the Houston area before he landed his job as a weld-line inspector. It was still early in the day, but he was exhausted with jet lag and didn't get much sleep the night before anyway. He shuts the blinds on the balcony door and crawls into bed.

A scream from down the hall woke Danny from a deep sleep. The clock read 21:13. Danny laid in bed for a moment, listening hard for maybe another scream to confirm he hadn't just dreamed it. Another scream, this time a bit faint. Suddenly, the sound of feet pattering down the hallway in a hurry, and the sounds of heavy breathing. The sirens from firetrucks, police cars, and emergency vehicles fill the night air, deafening Danny to anything happening inside of the building. He rushes over to the balcony door, clears the blinds from his way, and steps outside.

Down on the road, people are scattering like insects; pouring into the streets from the apartment buildings across the way. Cars and emergency vehicles speed down the streets, ignoring intersections and traffic lights. What the hell is going on down there? A sudden knock alarms Danny, almost beating down the door. "Who is it!?" But there is no answer, just constant knocking. More screaming inside of the hotel building can be heard once the sirens start to become faint. Danny slowly steps towards the door to look through the peek-hole to see what's going on in the hallway.

Almost like clock work, the lights go out, and the screams become louder and more abundant outside and inside the building. He tries to peek through the door but it's took dark in the hallway to see, so he steps back to the balcony. Silhouettes of people scurrying all over the streets can be seen; into and out of buildings. Then it happened...

Military trucks pulled up at the intersections with high-beam spotlights shined on the people in the road. Without hesitation, it began. The mounted light-machine guns began to rattle off. The bullets tore through the people in the streets. Some people dropped dead onto the cold blacktop road, some people charged at the trucks that were raining death on them, and then there were some people attacking other people in the street. He could not possibly believe what he was seeing. He must still be dreaming, but his eyes were wide open. This was very real and at that moment of realization, Danny began to get his things together, putting on warm clothes. He would wait for those trucks to leave. Could it be terrorists? Who the hell are those people shooting?

The trucks pull out of the intersection after several men walk from the vehicles and into the blood bath they had created. They shot every single person directly in the head that was laid in that road. A man stepped forward with a flamethrower and ignited every single body that was strew throughout the street and sidewalks. After the trucks were out of Danny's view, he went back to the door. There was no more knocking and he still couldn't see into the hallway. He unlocks the door and slowly turns the knob, listening closely for any movement or reaction in the hall. Nothing. Dead silence.

He opens the door carefully and slips into the hall with nothing but his winter coat, insulated pants on under his jeans, boots, beanie hat, gloves, and his backpack; no sense in bringing anything else, he thought, and he would definitely not be staying in the hotel to wait to be found, and found by who? Surely not the people that just murdered close to a hundred civilians in the street.

He makes his way down the hall, stepping lightly on the floor to the staircase. He finds the staircase door and gently opens it. He was making his way down the stairs when suddenly, he hears the door at the bottom of the stairs slam shut and there it is again...the breathing. The heavy breathing he had heard in the hallway when he was in his room. Should I go back or should I stay? He asks himself, but the person at the bottom of the staircase gives him no time to think too long on it. He hears bare feet stomping up the staircase. Danny quickly decides to move down in the same direction and then he sees him.

The man was barely dressed, like he had just gotten either into or out of bed. There were no words. The man lunges for Danny, but Danny charges him with his shoulder, sending the man tumbling down the stairs. No time to check on the man... no time for questions. In a panic, Danny runs through the hallway to the exit door on the side of the hotel, and storms outside onto the sidewalk. Running...to where? I just want to go home!

Screaming can still be heard throughout the city. He had to get out. He had to get far away from this place. Then he hears it. An airliner jet's engine sounds like it's getting closer and closer. Running down the street, not stopping to help anyone or to see what's going on, he looks slightly over his right shoulder and sees it. The plane comes crashing down into the side of the very same hotel Danny had just fled from minutes ago. Debris erupts from the collision. Danny falls to the ground, holding his ears. The explosion was so loud, it felt like his ears were bleeding. Looking at the fire and the pillar of smoke coming from the hotel, he sees the silhouette of the man standing in the middle of the street.

Danny tries to hurry to his feet, ignoring the pain in his ears, but he's too slow. The man is on top of him, trying to pin him to the ground and get at his face with his teeth. "GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!" The man's jaw jolts open and closed, like he's trying to bite him, with drool dripping into Danny's face. He fights for his life. He fights harder than he's ever fought. Nothing else matters anymore besides survival at this point. Danny clamps his hand shut tightly around the man's throat, trying to crush his windpipe. The man's breathing suddenly changes to a higher pitched wheeze, letting Danny know that's he cut off his breathing, but the man is still trying to bite, trying to kill Danny. Danny jabs his fingers into both of the man's eye sockets, tearing at his eyeballs and tissue, but there's no reaction from the man, just the same flurry of biting and rage.

I am going to die... I am going to die. Danny can't help but think this is it. But his will to live overcomes the man's will to kill him. Danny manages to get the man off of him. He gets to his feet and swiftly kicks the man in the face with his steel toe. The man's head meets Danny's boot with a loud THUNK and the man cradles over onto the road. Danny charges off, looking back to see if the man has gotten back up. He sees the man getting back to his feet but not immediately chasing after Danny, since there's no possible way he can see. Danny flees down the road with the coast to his right until he comes across a large culvert in a dry ditch.

He peers into the culvert, seeing that it's empty, and decides to stop here for awhile. He loses himself in his thoughts, trying to gather what in the hell he just witnessed and did. Those people murdered civilians in the street. An airliner just crashed into the same hotel he was staying in. He clawed that man's eyes out of his head and the man didn't even react to it. At this point, Danny notices the blood all over his hands, and in a panic, begins to wipe them furiously all over his pants. He pulls his jacket up and wipes his face with his shirt, and then it hit him.

Stacy.... After all that had happened, all that he had witnessed and done, all he could think about was Stacy. Like an unstoppable wave, he places his hands over his face and cries. In that culvert.... on that cold night outside of Chernogorsk, Danny would be faced with the greatest challenge of his life, a challenge that is only told in bible stories. Why have you done this to me, God?

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  • Emerald

A fantastic read man! I really enjoyed this a lot.

Very detailed which is how I like it. Will more follow this?


I feel like I could have detailed it a little bit more, but I feel like I didn't really need to since just about everyone here is already familiar with the scenery haha.

Yeah I would like to add more to it, just not today. I plan add stories about what Danny has experienced and who he has met so far since that night in the culvert.

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