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Best weapon to use?


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  • Emerald

Really depends on your preference, personally I enjoy the shotguns and pistols.

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My first decent weapon was an SKS with a PU scope.. painted it green and it was good to go. What a surprisingly good gun. I still use it and love it. Also has a bayonet. Is there any real purpose to the bayonet? Can you use it in melee?

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  • Sapphire

All I can say is whatever suits your play style. I use to play a survivor living in the woods so I used a mosin as a hunting rifle and a few other pieces of equipment. Then I changed to an AK as I went more in land towards 'Civilization'. All weapons are great, each have their pros and cons but it all comes to player preference and whatever suits your play style. That is my opinion on the matter.

Are you satisfied with the answers given to you Kayle-18?

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