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Server time (UTC): 2022-08-10 17:29

If playing on the server, be in TS.


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Hi there,

I think it would beneficial to the community in terms of communication and decision making if it was made mandatory for players ingame to be on Teamspeak as their RP name. I think it would reduce the amount of reports ingame and allow clarification between parties in the event of report or similar. It would also make finding people easier, say, if you wanted to say hello to a person you had been playing with the day before, etc.

At the moment, I feel that only 20-40% of players on the server are actually in Teamspeak. I feel since SA, all communication has gone out of the window between people and reports and OOC hate is just stacking up like a pyre on fire. Its very sad to see this in the community as our player-base grows but our game quality decreases every so slowly.

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Not always friend. If there are those whom are concerned regarding the incidence of OOC/Metagaming or wish to communicate with others through in-game means, I'm sure you could simply mute your microphone in a separate channel. As long as you are contactable by a simple means, I think it should be okay.

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