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Logging in After restart

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So basically I was at NW airfield in the admin building. The server restarted before I could log out so it just kicked me.

I logged in and while logging in I deleted some videos to gain more space so I could record again since I heard a rifle shot before the restart.

This took me like 1 minute before alt-tabbing back, and when I did I saw the "you are dead " message.

So I am not sure how Dayz works since it's apha and also not sure hw the zombies work.

but my question is: Is it possible that when I spawned in that a zombie got to me within that one minute and kill me? Because since I heard the shot I could be KOS'ed as well I guess. (And you hear voice chat when alt-tabbed).

Oh yeah I didn't disconnect on the first floor, I was near the doors about to go outside.

So again I know it's apha but maybe someone can like just confirm that it would be a zombie. Not that if it was KOS I would make a report since I got 0 proof without logs.

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It is possible to have been a zombie. I have had them pop up on me while being alt tabbed for less than a minute. However it could have also been someone who initiated via text. One of those situations are more than likely what happened.

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  • Legend

yes it could be a player or it could have been a zombie since the server just restarted. going afk in game has risk and unfortunately you are a victim of said risk now. but all in all its safer to log off if your going to alt tab for an extended time or go afk.

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  • MVP

I've had plenty of situations in which I minimized while spawning in and came back in dead because zombies reached me before I tabbed back in. It is very possible that a zombie reached you before you tabbed back in. That being said, the rifle shot could have been for zombies or someone might have KoS'd you, but we can't be certain of that without evidence, at least right now.

Do you feel like your question has been answered?

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  • Sapphire

It is most likely a zombie. When I log in sometimes there are zombies attacking me, before I am even able to move. So, yeah my guess is that zombies saw you, ran up to you and killed you.

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You mustnt log in right away the restart becouse you gonna lose your character.

Just wait 2 minutes after restart.

haha it's not that I spawned in without no gear, joined in when 25 people were online.

Anyways my question has been answered.


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  • Titanium

Glad you got it sorted.


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