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Doctor's scrawlings.

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No one answered my hail on the emergency frequency. Moreover, the few survivors I have found reassure my findings; there's no way home. It's just me, a pen, and a handful of confused survivors. None to sure about some of these folks either, the way they're talkin to themselves and breaking into wars when the world's already on the verge of destrcution. Still, i'll have to try and make some sense of who and what i'm dealing with here. A few medical surveys of the other survivors could help explain why so many locals were immune to the infection, and get a grasp of the general 'community'. Perhaps this could be the missing key that was needed to create a vaccine, we've never been able to investigate 'survivors' before-no one wanted to test to see if they were. The answers have to be out there...if only I had my collueages reasearch notes, it could shave months off trial and errors I have ahead of me! Ah, But I digress, tomorrow's a new day, and the first step to fixing this mess.

Or the day one of these crazies puts a bullet in my head. One of the two.

-Dr. M

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Subject: 001

Name: Tyler Weston

Age: Mid-Late Twenties(?)

Sex: Male

Immunity: Unknown

Analysis: Ran into this old acquaintance near an abandoned radio tower on the old airbase. His face was obscured by a red rag, while he himself was equipped with heavy, albeit a bit worn, military gear. Upon seeing me, he immediately hailed me as a threat and forced me onto the ground. After stripping me down and checking my clothes to ensure I meant him no harm did he stop to listen to me. After his realization and a quick apology I managed to inspect him for a brief moment before he ran off again. Though he believes himself immune, I'm not entirely convinced. A longer time for observation is ideal, however, he made it quite clear that he had no interest in sticking around.

Synopsis: High exposure to the afflicted and infection has lead to an elevated state of paranoia. Has trouble identifying friend from foe.


The days seem to fly by now, stopping only to remind me of the shitty situation i'm in. Even when I'd thought the world had given me a friendly face, it still managed to spit in my face quite thoroughly. I saw Tyler for the first time since I've been separated/stranded here, and he greets me with a high powered rifle to the face. After forcing me to remove my pants (He was convinced I had a concealed gun on me somewhere!) alongside the rest of my clothes, he finally took the time to look at, and recognize me. Although he stuck around long enough to humor my research, he left in quite a hurry the moment I finished the preliminary exam- Even then, every question felt like I was walking on eggshells, and my eyes wandered back down to his rifle. Where had he found these high-end clothes...what had he done? Better not to think of that actually. Before he ran off, he gave me his red veil as an apology. I'm not one for face masks, but this might be the last token of goodwill I'll ever see... I'll keep it around anyway.

-Dr. M

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Dear fuckin' diary, today I had the misfortune of stumbling onto a walkie talkie. After swapping through the channels to see if there was anyone else using it, and lo and behold, finding a response. "I'm Jason firebrand, or Masonsomething' he said. Told me he was hurt bad, couldn't move. Blockaded himself in the airbase that I just so happened to be living in. Just across the way. And I fell for it. Six. There were six of these bastards waiting for me behind those doors. Each one of them clad fully in black with their berets like some kind of cloning experiment gone wrong. Didn't take long for me to realize Jason wasn't real, but I gotta say, the buckshot at my feet, and machine-guns aimed at my ass really cleared up that confusion. Thankfully they didn't chase me too far, but I could've sworn I heard them laughing as I ran away cradling the new piercing in my left ass-cheek. Thankfully Dominic, a man I had treated prior, was nearby and protected me with a bit of overwatch as I dug out the bullet. We retreated west to an abandoned home he had found earlier. It seems i've been quite forcefully evicted from my old home. No idea who those bastards were, but something tells me they aren't too interested with my research. Regardless, we will endure.

-Dr. M

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