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hi, im head hunter, and this is my story.

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my name was Dave, but during the wars, i was called head hunter, and that's how i go now, i was in a helicopter in chernaurus when the outbreak started. we were told to do jump out and make our way to a castle in the north, but after we jumped out, our helicopter flew off and crashed about 3 kilometers away. me and my friends ran to our objective and found nothing but death. one after one, as we scoured the country we fell, now all that's left is me. after that i attempted to help anyone i found in this forsaken land, and punish those who have committed crimes, against those to weak to help themselves. some call me a hero, others a survivor, but i think of myself as that neighbor whose always willing to help.

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Hello, Dave/Head_Hunter. Cool little story, hero. Welcome to the community! :)

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Hello and welcome to the community. Get yourself involved on the forum. Lots to read and comment on.

A good place to start:



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Any questions find one of the orange peeps, join the helpdesk in TS or just ask the community.

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