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Whitelisting que.


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So I have been waiting 2 days and just keep going up on the whitelist queue? Why? I actually thought you guys were a bit more serious and didnt look at donations first just because "Donators" I dont even know, but when will this get fixed so I stop checking every day and my queue just keeps on getting up? It's really frustrating to wait around 3 days now and I still havent moved a position closer to number 1.

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  • Sapphire

Heyra. They are serious about applicants. It's just there so many people that have applied. That it is really hard to keep up with the high amount. Just wait the time that is queued for you. Other people have been waiting about as long. Don't get impatient. They'll get to you. :)

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It's not only based on Donations. However donating gets you bumped up the list. It also has to deal with the quality of your application. Lower quality applications get pushed back on the list. Please be patient as staff recieves around 200 applications a day. They have lives as well.

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