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Kuru: The Science and The Sorcery (VIDEO)

Guest Roach

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Not sure where to put this but had to share.

DayZ has the Kuru Disease if you eat human meat. I got curious about it today and found this very interesting documentary.

You'll learn more about this disease and if you play a cannibal, who knows? Might prove useful for your RP.

EDIT: The Kuru disease had been renamed to "Brain Disease" in DayZ. But let's not kid ourselves, it's pretty damn close to these symptoms hehe. In either case a very interesting watch.


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DayZ doesn't have Kuru. Whatever it is shares some symptoms, but definitely isn't Kuru as we know it. It probably has something to do with the Z infection itself.

I wrote this in another thread:

Besides an asymptomatic period measured in years to decades...

1) you only get Kuru from someone who already had Kuru, meaning if you ate any one of 99.99999999999999999% of the human population, you would have a literal zero percent chance of getting Kuru.

2) you are 8-9x more likely to get Kuru from eating the brain than eating muscle, and in-game, you eat "steaks", which are indeed the muscle.

3) the second stage of Kuru, in which uncontrollable laughter or crying manifests, also has the symptoms of being unable to walk without support. Further, the first stage also brings slurred speech in addition to the tremors, the later of which does exist in-game.

But in any case, thanks for posting it, I'll make time to watch it!

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Ah yeah I remembered a patch where they renamed it "Brain Disease" or something like that. Bah well still and interesting documentary about the Brain Disease called Kuru. Very similar to the DayZ symptoms though :P

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