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Enablement of self whitelist rejection


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Being stuck in the rear 300 in the whitelist queue and regularly being pushed back further is a hopeless situation. I was wondering whether you could make a function for one to be able to withdraw/decline their own applications? Still counting as one of the 3 submissions everyone gets and also incurring the 24hr penalty time.

Otherwise can i ask a favour of an admin to go to my whitelist application, NOT EVEN READ it and DECLINE IT. I reallly reallly really want to re-draft, I've had many better ideas and the one i have submitted isn't representative of me.

Thanks for any acknowledgement of this perspective


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Guest Doug Quade

Patience is all I can say. Whether they reject it immediately or not gives you time to prepare your second one regardless. Alot of members are suggesting to go into TS and speak with a staff member for help submitting app. I would recommend trying that , as that is what I plan to do this weekend :)

Good luck.

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i submitted my first one last week and was around 298 i got rejected last weekend so i posted my new one around wednesday and now at 20 and nothing is happening i wish they would close the the whitelisting on weekend so the can catch up on all the applications

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Be more active on the forums and involved with the community and your position in queue will go up. I'm currently

1/301 and Stuck there. With the queue going down I can't really make sense as to how I'm next in line but people behind me are getting reviewed.

Good luck!

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  • Legend

The white-list number isn't always 100% accurate. As of right now we are clearing the oldest app first.

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