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Hello everyone! My name is Michael and my character Mikhail is (like me) a university student who (unlike me) was forced to flee to the mountains following The Outbreak. Having lost most of his family in the ensuing chaos, he is now trying to survive in the ruins of Chernarus by whatever means necessary.

I hope to get white-listed soon so that I can join some of you for some awesome adventures!

..in the meantime i'll continue to try to befriend people on public servers (lol, right?)

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  • Sapphire

Hello Michael. Good luck on the application.

It's actually possible to make friends in the public servers, but very difficult. Believe me, I managed to do it. I made 6 friends on the public servers, we all have a good time, but now I hardly play on the public. The only time is if my friends invite and ask to play together. Other then that, I avoid them and play on the RP server.

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