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Ahoy, mateys

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Avast, there be a new terror on the seas! A terror that limps a bit when he walks... and he's bit looney, honestly. Terror is probably a a bit much. He's more like a strong wind that messes your hair up slightly. Yes, like a medium strength wind that doesn't last too long...Sorry, where was I...

Hey! Hi guys! Call me PegLegPete, Pete, PegLeg, or even just Peg. Just don't call me Peggle. No hate on the illiterate among us, but the capitalization is indisputable.

I'm big pc gamer, love multiplayer games with emphasis on working together and objectives. Also love RPGs and great stories. Hoping to get the best of two with DayZRP! From what I can tell, it seems like it will be like a DnD session held in a huge video game simulation, which is kind of awesome. Wish all the MMORPGs followed that idea instead of focusing on the next experience level or slightly-higher-by-this-measurement-gear.

I'm in Manhattan, NY, will be 31 in April, work in finance, am a functional alcoholic, and I have a framed informative poster titled "Whales of the World" above my 30" widescreen monitor.

I can't wait to feel at home in DayZRP! :)

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Hello and welcome to the community. Get yourself involved on the forum. Lots to read and comment on.

A good place to start:



Community Rules

Guide section

Lore and Stories

Any questions find one of the orange peeps, join the helpdesk in TS or just ask the community.

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Best hello thread I have ever seen

Bravo Sir, bravo

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