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Saphires' Story

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There I sat at the same desk, looking at the same comms equipment, doing the same job I have been doing for the last 4 years. The guys always joke with me saying im a "nerd" or that I "tinker" around too much, But i mean come on! what self respecting geek wouldn't want the chance to play with some military hardware everyday?

As the 18E of a fire team within the 10th Special Forces Group it was always my job to make sure that no matter what, we could always communicate with our guys.the job is always the same ,It never really changes We go to some random country that the bosses tell us needs a new leader, or that the locals require military aid and we do our jobs. Some days were good (meeting the locals and eating food with them) some days were bad (ambushes and IED checks) But in the end I never really though that the worst of it would be 6 days before my discharge in a secure military base in Pennsylvania.

I always hated the Bus stop, The look, the smell, the feeling that i was some how...a lesser person just because i didn't have bars or stars on my shoulder. Worst of all It was the fact that the base didn't have much room for an E-6 Staff Sergeant inside the Carlisle war college. So i was stationed off base in some rat hole duplex adjacent to a young couple that very much loved the "express" their love on a nightly basis. Little did I know that living off base would be my gods send.

In retrospect my training should have told me something was wrong earlier, but I was so close to being out and finally being able to go to college, why would i notice the massive amount of sirens heading to the base, the fire plum rising from where the medical facilities are. or the fact that as i approached the base in the bus, that there were convoys of equipment leaving. The bus driver stopped abruptly as we approached the gate, he looked terrified, Eyes wide jaw agape. I got up to see what he was looking at, and then i saw it, there were people walking out of a burning building still in flames, acting as if there was nothing wrong. The fire personnel approached but more people came from the flames and tackled them and began hitting and tearing at the men that had just tried to save them. I knew something was wrong, I grabbed my gear from the over hang in the bus and ran into base.

As i approached the facility I ran into one of my Team Mates Sgt. Allerd he had the same look as the bus driver from earlier, sheer terror, "what the hell is going on?" I yelled as flames drew higher and people screamed "they are getting back up man, everyone! they are dying and getting up again! but they aren't the same they are different they are so angry, LT. Michaels our team leader he got mauled by a pack of them, i watched them tear at his flesh man! I don't know what to do!" suddenly over the base wide speakers a voice came on, "General Andrews has ordered a full evacuation of all military personnel, there are C130s standing by for all evacuees. they will lift off in 5 mikes.

Allerd and I didn't want to leave, we wanted to fight, we ran to the armory to check for weapons and began stocking up on ammunition, I grabbed my M4 Carbine that I operate with in the field, It had a Sapphire lens on the scope, "Allerd! we gotta go!" i yelled "im right behind you buddy!" he screamed in response over the roaring gun fire in area. But things never go as planned in the military, just as we got set I heard a loud "BANG!" from my left. The heat was intense and the pressure had to be from an explosion, as my body flew into the wall I knew this wasn't good, and then....blackness.

*part 2 coming soon*

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I awoke in a Daze, The taste of blood in my mouth and a screaming pain in my chest. My head was fixed in a single location bound by some mechanism with cushions on the side. I could tell I was laying on my back and above me I could see Steel struts and hanging fabric, "I've seen this before" I thought to my self. I reached my hand down to try to figure out what the pain in my chest was. Just as I did a hand swatted it away, "Whoa there buddy" a familiar voice said "Allerd is that you?" "Yea its me man, don't go touching that, you don't want to open your stitches, That's why I hooked you to the gurney.".

"What happened?" I asked, Allerd Explained how as we were getting our gear the fire from the medical wing carried across the field and ignited a Fuel truck that had been abandoned when the chaos broke out. Apparently He was a bit luckier than me, instead of being thrown into a concrete wall he got tossed into a pile of rucksacks and only suffered a lite sprained wrist. He then carried me to one of the C130s before it flew out.

"Im gonna unhook you now, just don't go moving too much." he said as he unhooked the gurney head mount. I leaned up and looked around, there had to be at least 40 people on board, Some i recognized some I didn't. They all had the same thing in common, the look of total shock

that I had seen before. A voice came over the internal loud speaker. "okay everyone we are currently flying over the area of chernarus The last time we heard from anyone this is a good area to land to refuel, and continue our search for a safe zone. We may be feeling some bumps along the way due to poor weather so sit tight. I swung my legs over the side of my seat and began to feel some of the bumps the pilot had mentioned.They were a bit more intense than the ones I have felt in the past.

"Hey Allerd These bumps seem different to you?" I said to him "yea man almost like that time our Chopper was getting shot at in Baghdad".An alarm suddenly began to go off in the plane, the pilot came over the speakers he sounded frantic,"everyone engine 3 has just caught fire and we are losing speed everyone needs to grab their gear and put on chutes NOW!" Smoke began to suddenly fill the cabin and sparks shot across from the walls. I put on my chute and got up, careful as to not move my torso too much, "Allerd what the hell is goi..!!!" The tail of the plane suddenly exploded off, Air rushed out of the C130 people and gear flew past me, and before i knew it I was out side too.

Wind wiped past me, the noise was deafening, I waited 10 seconds and pulled the rip cord Thankfully i had my Chute on, Others weren't so lucky, I saw Allerd fly past me in a terrible spiral, at that speed he was most likely unconscious, Thank god for that. He didn't need to see what was about to happen, The tree line disguised his plummet to earth as he vanished from sight,

I had always wanted to see Chernarus, Just not like this....

*Part 3 coming soon*

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As I began to descend, metal and people fell from above. My descent was fast...too fast i looked up and noticed my canopy was singed through by hot shrapnel and it was slowing smoking. "this isn't good" i thought to my self, But in all honest I didn't care, My best friend just died, Im over a land i have never seen and I could tell I was slowly seeping blood from my fresh stitching.

I hit the ground with a loud Thud!, My torso and legs were in heavy pain from the shock of the landing, I began to remove my chute and noticed to my left there were people walking towards me, But they weren't normal, "shit they are just like the people at the base" I thought. All of a sudden i heard a voice "Sir sit still I am coming to help" the voice sounded genuine 3 loud shots rang over my head. The man killed the things that were advancing on me quickly and with precision. he helped me to my feet and walked me to the tree line, "thanks man i owe you one" i told him" He took my weapon and tossed it in the vehicle he walked me too. As i sat down the pain over whelmed me I passed out soon after...

*Myself agald and Cameron king are incorporated into each others RP read theirs to fill in any holes! Part 4 coming soon!

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