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Pistols. Pistols Everywhere

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  • Sapphire


First time on the RP server playing on the british one I've found 4 makarov pistols and 6 mags. Is this normal?

Because anyone who wants to rob me is going to have to give me a full TSA pat down and cavity search first now :3

I think the Makarov has been a little more available since the last update. Before the update, you'd find the gun and ammo but never a mag. It makes sense lore wise that it would be one of the more popular guns in the area.

Also with persistence currently off, they may be spawning a little more frequently.

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  • Emerald

Persistance is turned off, which leaves us with allot of loot spawning around us.

As Bradhitt said, the Makarov is very available. It always was but now with the persistence off, it's even found more frequently, because people find better weapons.

Basically, you can find pistols in every place you visit.

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It's funny becouse if we wanna see this in RP point of view it's look like every men who got a pistol leave it in his house or around but bring with him the mag xD

There is more guns than mags (for my experience)

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  • Sapphire

I have come across mags for 3 different pistols, without finding any pistol but a pink derringer.

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  • MVP

Now if only they would put back the pistol suppressor..... :(

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