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Question on RP-ing then server restart/crash

Guest Doug Quade

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Guest Doug Quade

What is the expectation of players if there is some sort of initiation/encounter, were the server goes down from either restart or a crash, and the encounter is disrupted. Are all parties involved expected to immediately attempt to log back into server and continue ? I see there could be some issues as in , connectivity among other issues. Can someone fill me in, and I apologize if there is a thread about this elsewhere. I have searched but was not able to find.

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You should try and let restarts/crashes affect your RP as much as possible, act like they never happened, however if it does cause issues, this is when your RP skills are tested (i.e a server restart during a thunderstorm, you could say you got hit by lightning, but are fine) not the best example but you get the picture

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  • Emerald

You are supossed to join the server again and continue the rp where you left it.

If you would get iniated on, and the server ccrashes in the middle of th rp, and you would not return or log in and take advantage, you could easily get reported and banned for that.

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  • Titanium

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It is expected o log back in if you're engaged in Roleplay prior to a restart/server crash. However, if you cannot re-join due to the server filling up faster then you can re-join, just poke the other party involved and explain the situation. I'm sure they will be understanding.

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