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Morning, Wilhelm reporting in.

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Hello there folks. Long story short, the names Wilhelm, Pleased to meet ya'll. I have always used Wilhelm as an online name, and never had any problems with it.

23 years old- 07/19/1991.

Heavy gamer, living alone. Life is good.

Im big in terms of rp. Been rping for years.(Mainly medical. Chief medical officer. or Surgeon because I can detail the surgery.)

Any questions, feel free to ask over pms.

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  • Sapphire

Welcome to the community Wilhelm, pretty sure you'll like it here, if you have any questions. Feel free to message me or any of the Community Helpers(The ones with the Orange names) with anything you need. Have fun!

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I'm glad to see someone who has knowledge of the medical field! I expect some solid RP from you my friend!

In fact I am pretty sure there is a group soley made up of medically trained individuals. I'm sure after you try your RP and see how it works, you can apply for them here. Should you have any questions you may PM me or post your questions here.

Have fun out there!

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You can expect Heavy, realistic Rp. 7 years of roleplaying, since 2006.

But if there is a group, then you might not want me in it, I aint a shooter. Never have. No matter what happens. I look for rp, Wont defend myself against any person(Minus zombies.) Full Compliance.

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  • Emerald

Welcome. I swear.. Your name sounds familiar

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