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Powergaming or good RP?

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I was RP'ing on a public server with some friends the other day and we were around a campfire. The chatting was a little low, so to lift the mood, I said that my player kept a little music player with him that ran on batteries. I played a song through my mic and we had a little campfire sing-a-long that lightened the mood.

Would this be power-gaming?

What if I said the music player broke afterwards and I "tossed it aside"


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No this is not powergaming, this is just having fun and you showed that you wanted to improve your RP. Power gaming is for example: You are robbing a person and that person says, i don't got a ID. but suddenly you find a ID on that person. That is a good example of powergaming.

Hope it helps out a bit.

/ Marked as solved.

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