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Last post until I post app

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Dew    416

This will be my last post about my application before I submit it, Please take a look at my app this is my third time applying and im dying to play on the server. My only issues are my NLR and KoS question answers, im pretty sure I have everything down right but would like to see if I can get any feedback or if I need to make tweaks, this will be much appreciated

NLR question:NLR stands for New Life Rule. The New Life Rule means that if you die you cannot run back and get your gear, you re-spawn and don't remember anything leading up to your death, you do remember your friends, group, enemies, and others that you met before the event that caused your death. You cannot go back to the area you died for 90 minutes or go within a 1km radius of the area you died before the 90 minutes, after the hour and a half or more is up then you are aloud to go back to the place you were killed. You also cannot tell your friend or who ever you were playing with where you died or where they can go to retrieve the gear from your dead body. If there is a server restart you are not aloud to go back to the place you died even if the server restarted. This means that the Server does not effect the NLR timer. You are not aloud to get your payback on the person(s) that killed you. You cannot tell your friends that "those guys killed me" or that "Someone avenge my death these players named _________ Killed me, They are in ________ or at __________. You also cannot use things people have said externally, such as forums teamspeak, or even skype. If you are on teamspeak and you die while on teamspeak or skype etc, you cannot blurt out where you died or how you died or where the person was when they killed you. Also you cannot give any information about where you are or where your killer is while you are handcuffed, or have surrendered.

Kos question:KoS stands for Killing on Sight. Killing on sight is when you kill someone right when you see them, you don't talk to them or hold them up are have a legible reason to kill them. a illegible reason would be, "He/She was wearing blue" or "He said a bad word", those are just examples they are not limited too. You have to make contact with the person(s) before you do anything hostile with them, after that you may state what your intentions are with the person(s) . If you are attempting to rob the person you must rob them and leave them alive and with chances of survival. You can take revenge for a hostile action that the player had made against you for 2 hours within the time the hostile action was made, also as long as the revenge does not interfere with any other of the rules that have been set down,after the 2 hours are up you cannot take revenge. For example someone is a bandit and they are robbing you, they will have to hold you up but cannot kill you unless they have asked you to do something like drop on the ground or drop your bag, if you do not comply then they can take hostile force by either shooting you in the leg or something along those lines, may be even kill you if you pose a hostile threat to them or they have a good in rp reason to kill you. They will protect you from Zombies, and they will make sure you stay healthy and leave you with chances of survival. When you go for your revenge make sure you have the right person, confirm his or her identity before doing anything hostile. you are not aloud to bait others into making it so that you can have your payback for things that they did that you tricked them into to doing. Also you are not aloud to tell others that someone has hurt or killed you without that actually happening and they never did anything to you. You can only share KoS rights if, you are within a 500 meter radius of a hostile situation going on, and you are apart of either one of the parties that are having the hostile situation. If you are in a vehicle during a hostile situation, you must use voice and text chat so no one misunderstands.

please leave a comment if I need to work on something it will be much appreciated, I have re read the rules over and over again and am pretty sure I have everything but there might be something I missed.

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Vapor    0

So I should post?

Well correct the grammatical mistakes first. I think that you are good to go.

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