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T Marrano

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Well, i know it says on the FAQ that it can take days for your application be reviewed and accepted, but it has almost been one week since I sent mine (I sent it on 16/01). It is normal to take that long? I'm asking this because I really want to play on these servers but taking all that time I'm starting to lose interest on it...

And it's strange because since I sent my application until today, my estimated place in queue is 6/406.

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  • MVP

The admins have to deal with MANY applications every single day, and most of the take around 20-30 minutes to go through. With the influx of applications it will take time to get to every single one. Think back to why the whitelist has been closed the past few weekends. The admins need that time to go through the current applications without completely becoming overloaded.

I can assure you that you application will be looked at and we are sorry that it is taking so long, but we have only so many people looking at whitelists and it's going to take time with the influx of players.

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  • Sapphire

Like Cid said here, there is A LOT of applications every day. It takes quite a long time to go through a single whitelist application because of all the writing in there. Also, whitelist has been closed for weekends (around two weeks ago was the first time) to let the admins have time to clear the whitelist a little bit.

We are sorry that it is taking so long but good to hear that you understand the situation.

Just wait patiently for your whitelist to be reviewed.


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