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SA Whitelist question

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First off i'm not asking for a review but want to know if this is normal

When i applied about 4 days ago it was around 29th in the queue but has been going up and down in the queue since i applied, i'm currently on 72 and the lowest I've seen it was on 24

I just wanted to know if this is a bug or a sorting method of some kind

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Be sure to read the FAQ before posting. Some times the questions you have may already be answered. :)

But to answer your question. No this isn't a bug. The queue system is not a first come first serve system. What it does it takes the best applications and moves them to the front of the queue and the ones that aren't that good to the back. This means that your application is still in queue but someone else's provides what they are asking for. They meet the requirements, so they get to go before those that didn't take the time to meet those requirements.

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You can find this information at the FAQ section on the forums as posted by metalxtongue: http://www.dayzrp.com/faq


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