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[TR] The Remnants [recruiting]

Ghost of Levi

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  • Sapphire

// we now have an radio channel on TS if ya need help you can poke us in teamspeak and well come to help you




Before the outbreak

The remnants

Before the outbreak most Remnant personnel were either just ordinary doctors or scientists

working for international organizations such as the red cross and doctors without borders

before coming to Chernarussia most of these men and woman researched on deceases such as

ebola and mutated Flu's they were send too the region unprepared and in search of an solution

that ravaged a nation, they still do this up to this day however with no electricity

no running water and no help from the outside the only one that can help them is the militia.

TRM ( the remnant malitia )

The militia's were ordinary men and woman living in Chernarussia or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, most of them never had any military training except occasional hunters, police officers or in some extreme exceptions UN or CDF survivors. Their goal is extremely simple, create an safe place for the scientists to do their job and aid who needs help.


The early days

October 16th

After the Chernarussian officials acknowledged that something extreme was happening in their region many International aid organizations failed to respond properly due to the conflicting news reports and UN statements that were occurring however Several international organizations did indeed prepare personnel to be send to the region of South zagoria, however the aid organizations were preparing their people for different events, some were being prepared for war casualties and others were prepared for deceases, these cases significantly slowed down the time in which the workers could be deployed.


October 19th

As more Usable information comes to light many organizations realize the mistakes that they have made and quickly try to act to the according information, the problem being however, most of the people that should be send to South zagoria were already send to west Africa too research the sickness that ravaged the land there, so manpower was limited and equipment scarse.

October 21st

As chernarussia pleads for help from the UN, the WHO ( world health organization ) rapidly responds, however taken by the same confusion as other organizations they fail too bring up sufficient amounts of personnel and after quick negotiations with the red cross and other organizations they prepare a small amount of researchers too be send too the region, The researchers and doctors were send to the region on the same day by plane, however no equipment was brought with as that was not ready too be used in any way.


Doctors without borders who now realized their mistake hastily pulled personnel from west Africa to send too the region this however was a bad move as the morale of these men and woman was already not too high.

October 22nd

The equipment being loaded on whatever could carry them was being flown and shipped into the regeon. the Aid workers however that were on scene already set up seviral medical centers and research locations casualty rates with the docters were extremely high as they went into the ravaged lands unprepared,and unprotected as the cdf does not have the capabilitys to protect the workers. the scientists however were more fortunate their equipment was flown in with them and they were conducting research in "safe" locations such as hospitals and medical clinics. these locations however did not turn out to be the safest places to be, as patients turned too blood thirsty monsters in front of their eyes, wich accelerated the decrease of personel in the regeon.

October 23rd

The WHO, Red Cross and doctors without borders finally recovered from their mistakes and a large quantity of personnel is send to the region, lacking sufficient equipment and supply to aid the people, it seemed that the research done on the virus has been slowed down Severely. Most of the researchers and doctors that were on location either died or were trapped in the battle for chernogorsk, of which at the end of the day only a handful made it out of.

the situation is further complicated as one of the aircraft with samples crashes into the UN headquarters during the battle of chernogorsk these samples which were supposed to be researched outside the region were now lost in the wreckage of the cherno hotel.


October 24th-November 3rd

During this time no more personnel nor supplies were send to the region as an naval blockade has prevented every possibility from doing so. Most scientists and doctors had ceased all research and fled inland trying to cross the border to the north, this however... did not end well for Many. Others sticked with remaining UN detachments and hoped to ride it out. Those who do still try too conduct research are forced to stop as all electricity in the region dies out and all equipment is useless.

November 3rd- onwards

The men and woman that had survived up to this point attempted too set up an safe zone with remaining UN and CDF forces , several attempts were made however these "safezones" never lasted long either being torn down within a day, or being ripped apart from the inside as protective gear was not available for the researchers and they got infected themselves, now a small group remains in the region, they teamed up with several locals who agreed to help them in their

struggle to find a cure for the ongoing situation. Now they find residence in an hospital in Novodmitrovsk trying to make the best out of the worst


Troubles ahead

Even though most aid workers and militia's have been around eachother since nearly the start noone is really in charge, there has not been an propper heirachy in the group, this has caused alot of confusion between the militia's but aswell with the aid workers, the aid workers rely on the cooperation wich is provided by the men and woman on the front.... however... there is no cooperation... no leaders... no structure, all of this ahs too be created, and fear is easily seen on the peoples faces, what they need is an strong powerfull leader who is capable of taking the "hard" choices.

Even so, they have proven to be an verry loyal set of men and woman, and they have tryed many times to create safezones, they succeeded at times but usually the zones didnt last long due too lack of leadership.

Now the men and woman of the militia roam around the lands trying to find a new location to try again, however if they will succeed this time is only the question.


Militians patroling the lands looking for an new safe heaven

However hope is found after they found an hospital in the deep north, even though the shape of the building is bad it is an good enviroment for the docters too do their work, now they stand tall and proud, waiting, guarding, living.

the aid workers are slowed down by the lack of recourses in the regeon, there is no or brearly any protective gear left that is in functioning order, and the research equipment doesnt look too well either, and if bad cant get any worse, there is no power, no water and no heat.

they now have an huge task ahead of them, with the eyes of the people looking at them for awnswers they start working, day in day out, colecting samples, finding clues....

Febuary 2015

After weeks of wandering trough the wasteland the group finaly managed to find an location where the doctors can conduct research,a clinic in Zelenogosk, however equipment to do so is still not availiable and the equipment that is availiable is damaged or requires electricity to work

With the current only doctor being Anton it is hard to conduct any kind of research, especially since the priority is put on helping survivors rather than conducting research.

Now the group is pressured with finding an source of electricity to power the few recources that they have, however this is an extremely dangurous and complicated task.

The group has also managed to scavange together equipment sufficient for short ranged broadcasts however, with extreme static, even so they decided to set up a radio station with the host being Dr. antonin Zdenek.


TR radio http://www.dayzrp.com/t-87-8-tr-radio is an low frequency radio broadcast in zelenogorsk and the local regeon, you can always help us out by leaving us batterys or if possible better radio equipment ( has to be rped out obv)

If you have news worthy of sharing tell me/one of the members of my group ingame, leave me an note ( only when percistence is on thisl work ) - send me an PM on the forums or leave an post on this thread and ill scream it over the broadcast

TR radio station is hosted by The remnants which is an permadeath group, which also means that if the group dies the radio station will also cease to exist

All information aquired here is allowed to be used ingame as long as you have been in or near zelenogorsk.


"Its really bussy here in the clinic, we get people on an daily basis that broke their legs or with other medical complications, this leaves little time to conduct research on the virus, however, I think its more important to aid those directly in need than those who have already passed." -Antonin Zdenek

March 2015

Life in the clinic is becoming extremely dangurous, Death is around nearly every corner and most of the times the town of zelenogorsk is an warzone.

The clinic is attacked on an regulair basis but things slowly calm down as the UN moves into the militairy base in Zelenogorsk, they also aid the doctors inside to the best of their extend and patrol zelenogorsk on an daily basis.

The clinic has been attacked/endangered by in late febuary / begin march by:

-The vybor street rats

-Those that remain

-A group following Roman Constatin





United Nations


CDF Forces

Those That Remain


-anyone not listed-




Vybor Street Rats






Dead or Alive

Harvey stoto

Murder X2

Atempted Murder


Death threads

Lives Left


Casualties list

Antonin Zdenek (doctor)

Killed during combat

Tau Ming(militia)

Jiao Shu

killed during combat

Aditional information

The Remnants is made up of two eliments, aid workers and the malitia,

Goals ( aid workers )

* Collect as much and as accurate information about the virus as possible

* Help any and all of which are in need of help this includes but is not limited to radio broadcasts calling for help

* Establish Communications with any other researchers out there

* Set Up an safe research location

* find out how this happened

Goals ( militia )

* establish hierarchy within the organization

* create an safe zone for the researchers too do their work

* establish safe zones for survivors

* try to establish communications with international organizations

* retaliate any and all hostile actions taken against an TRM member or an aid worker

* aid any and all survivors in need of help.


* Never under NO circumstances be hostile too ANYONE that has done nothing against us

* Every hostile action taken against you can be RPed out, shooting is your LAST option

* never deny anyone asking for help, even if we have had bad relations with them in the past

* Don't steal... Ever... Period

* take over the identity of who you are, you are no supersoldier that has no fear, you have emotions... Use them


* depending on the crimes degree the boss will decide what will be done with the person

* deserters will be prosicuted in an acording way

* exicution is in no way,shape, or form acceptable we are here too help we are no fascist or bandids.......yet (yea... i already take this back...)



This means that if you die you will have to create an new character ( this is not the case for the militia only for the doctors and scientists)

this also means that if a certain amount of people die, the group will end ( the militia doesn't have to but the aid workers will)

Legitimate deaths

- RP related, someone initiates on you and you die during it.

- dehydration,starvation,sickness etc...

- zombies... duh

Ilegitimate deaths

- Rulebreaks, this means but is not limited to KOS,RDM,Metagaming,powergaming and everything thats on the rulepage

- bugs/glitches, game chrashes etc...

- hacks ( surprised? it is happening alot lately )

- blank join ( lose everything when joining )

(no lag is not an ilegitimate death)

How to join

Currently considering that the group is extremely small joining can be done in any shape way or form ( wich includes verbaly ) trough the folowing sample:

OOC Age:
English Skills(1-10):
DayZRP Experience:
Why do you want to join?:
What Role are you interested in?:
In Game Name:
backstory of your character ( doesnt have to be an essay ):

In the future joining can only be done trough IG.


* Serious roleplay

You MUST take roleplay serious, this means that being punched is not something you can just scrub off and that text based RP (example: *starts shivering*) cant be ignored and must be responded too acordingly.

This also means that if events happen near you that you arent supposed too see ( someone passes a note behind your back and you can see it in 3rd person but you wouldnt be able to see it in 1st ) act like you dont see them and dont be an D*

* Permadeath

After every death you are required too make a new character this character does not have ANY knowlage of his last character the player must also state that the old one has passed away, not doing so will result in the removal from the group if it cannot be explained why you did so, you are alowed to have an aditional character outside the group that has nothing to do with us

* Noone is perfect

The Noone is perfect rule is one that I value greatly.

what I mean by this is that you cant do everything, you're a human not an robot not everyone can shoot a gun and not everyone can be an medic, but everyone can learn to do so!

now I'm not going to force on you what you can and cant do, however use common scence as of what would fit your character, you couldve been an hunter besides your job and know about hunting and fishing and such, but dont know everything, becouse that would ruin the fun that an scenario would create for people, and if youre militia, you most likely dont have any medical knowlage, just keep that in mind. and as an docter or scientist or aid worker you probibly dont know how to handle an machinegun.


aid workers

Docter (specify what kind)

Scientist (specify what kind)

Other ( if you can think of something creative I will be more than happy to consider it )


Militant - Militant is verry general, your role as militant can verry greatly from engineer too medic, it just depends on the situation

The hierarchy explained

As time progressed it didnt take long before an more expirienced person joined the group one that had been in an armed force for quite some time and knows how too ttie the knots, he quickly made an hierachy in order too remove the confusion that happened.

капита́н (Kapitán) Captain

лейтена́нт (Leytenánt) Lieutenant

мла́дший лейтена́нт (Mládshiy Leytenánt) Junior Lieutenant

пра́порщик (Práporshchik) Warrant Officer

старшина́ (Starshiná) Master Sergeant

сержа́нт (Serzhánt) Sergeant

мла́дший сержа́нт (Mládshiy Serzhánt) Junior Sergeant

ефре́йтор (Yefréytor) Corporal

рядово́й (Ryadovóy) Private

IG and OOG leader, In game the leader is never the same person, he can die, he can quit and chaos can break out within the group in the fight for an new leader, however out side of the game, I am the group leader for administrative reasons.



Victor Krylov


Was an arms Smuggler an dealer from the age of 17, caught By the beylorussian militairy he was centenced to 10 years of imprisonment in russia, but only served 4.

Uppon release, he joined the PMC Alfa-Tsentr after 5 years victor was given his own platoon which he foughed with in the Chedaki civil war.

Eugene Clapton


Born in Ireland and came to Chernarus with four other friends as a getaway from their studies. Soon after their arrival, the outbreak happend and he was seperated from three of his friends and later the fourth when fleeing a small group of infected.


Markus Wolf

Markus worked for an American Journalist firm in San Francisco. He, along with 3 of his coworkers came to Cherno to report on the outbreak as it was going down.the members of his party met with grusome ends, leaving him as the last man standing. Hell bent on surviving and getting out of Chernaurs, he made a break for Green Mountain, hoping to reach some form of authority and escaping. After reaching Green Mountain and learning the true hopelessness of the situation Markus started his search for a safe haven to wait out the End of the World, and to record his story for the next generation.

David neechan


David is from a place named electro, his last name david neechan, he has a girlfriend named yasmine but she is currently survivng on her own, they got split up. David is a young teenanger who recently got fired from his job, wich was at a Coffeshop. He was trying to save up for a new car, but his saving skills sucks. David was getting ready for a roadtrip before all this happened, and when everything were ready zombies started attacking them.

Matthew Wood


Matthew was born and raised in the United Kingdom and led a normal life as an army reserve of the 254 Medical Regiment up until the day he was taken to Chernarus.

He arrived to western side of the land as part of the relief force that was used in an attempt to contain the virus from the eastern part of the land. The Royal Army currently presumes that he is dead along with his comrades after the camp he was located at was over run by a horde of infected.

Tyrone Freeman


_____________________Aid workers____________________________________

Quinn Chaffer


Born in australia, worked as an paramedic for till the age of 21 , at the age of 22 he became an voulenteer at the red cross, at the age of 24 he was deployed to the regeon of chernarussia

Jack Fisher


Jack Fisher was a doctor from the netherlands. When Jack turned 28 he got contacted by the UN. They said he had 24 hours to pack some stuff. 24 hours later Jack was knocked uncousious in in own house. When he woke up he felt a wave of cold water all over his bodywarmer

Heirnich Swan

Botany Scientist

This is the first time for me creating ( or joining even ) an group in the dayz rp comunity, I would really apriciate it if you could send me some feedback on how this looks, good bad terrible or even worse id like to know about it!

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  • Sapphire

Good luck levi!

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  • Sapphire

Good luck levi!

Thanks, Ill probibly need it :P

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  • Sapphire

Updated the Images and history :3

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  • Emerald

Good luck!

Thread looks nice :)

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  • Sapphire

Looks good but you have some paragraph issues in the spoiler tabs named 'before the outbreak' and 'the early days' which you may want to revise.

thanks I hadnt seen that yet! - note too self, dont write things in notepad

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  • Sapphire

Update #2

Added requirements for joining

Expanded OOC

Added Noone is perfect rule

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  • Sapphire

Looks like a really interesting and thought-through group idea. I like it. :)

Spoilers are well used to present the huge amount of info, which isn't too big either.

Also: might wanna fix the typo in the OOC part: it's dehydration, not dehidrstion.

Good luck and I'm looking forward to meeting you in-game! :)

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  • Sapphire

Looks like a really interesting and thought-through group idea. I like it. :)

Spoilers are well used to present the huge amount of info, which isn't too big either.

Also: might wanna fix the typo in the OOC part: it's dehydration, not dehidrstion.

Good luck and I'm looking forward to meeting you in-game! :)

spoiler i dont know how too use spoilers,

thanks for finding that typo, i ran the entire page trough spell check but i guess that didnt really work out...

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  • Sapphire

#update 3

Edited noone is perfect rule

expanded ooc

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  • Sapphire

good look levi. Levi is one of the mist hardcore RPers on the server

uhh.. thanks!?

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  • Sapphire

Saw you IG and your RP was great, this is gunna be big bro. Your RP has been top notch since i met you.

thanks man!

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  • Sapphire

#update 4

Updated Roster

Fixed most of my grammar

Cuz yea thats a thing too....

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  • Sapphire

Eventually when I go back to my old character, I definitely want to join this, I've been looking for a group like this.


I wish you the best of luck Levi, I'd love to run into the Remnants.

And I will be looking forward too that day!

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  • Sapphire

Really good RP from Levi tonight, I have high hopes for this clan led by a wonderful roleplayer :)

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  • Sapphire

Good luck with it, I like the permadeath, the life counter and the "not everyone is perfect"-aspect.

Hope to meet you IG and have some good RP.

Really good RP from Levi tonight, I have high hopes for this clan led by a wonderful roleplayer :)

Thanks guys, really apriciate the support! :D

#update 5 Altered hierachy to ingame events

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  • Emerald

I haven't read through the whole thing yet, but from wht I've seen this is probably one of the best ideas out there currently.

Good luck with the clan !

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